5 Signs You Must Consult a Pediatrician Now

Posted by Shaheen Shaikh on January 5th, 2020

Children below a certain age are vulnerable of developing numerous medical conditions. According to data released by UNICEF, pneumonia, malaria and diarrhea caused around 29% deaths worldwide in 2018 among children below 5 years. Even the most common infectious diseases can be fatal if not treated timely.

As a parent, how to know which condition is serious enough to call the doctor? Here are certain symptoms to look out.

1. Persistent Fever

If the child’s body temperature is constantly above 104 degrees, call the nearest pediatrician in Hyderabad right away. Babies under 2 to 3 months are prone to major infections. Get in touch with the doctor even if they have mild fever. Often, fever is coupled with other symptoms like rashes, troubled breathing and diarrhea. If the child is above 3 years and the fever is accompanied by weakness and vomiting, take prompt action.

2. Swallowing Difficulties

When you notice the child is experiencing severe discomfort while swallowing food and particularly liquid, make sure you talk to the pediatrician. This could be tonsillitis or even an allergic reaction. Let the doctor take a look inside the throat to detect issues if any. Often antibiotics suffice but the child might need advanced treatment as well.

3. Rashes

Rashes are a common occurrence, particularly during summers. Most often they clear up with mild treatment. However, pay close attention to check if the rashes have turned into purple bruises and are not cured with medications. Also, if the rashes are causing extreme irritation, penetrating deep into the skin or are painful, consult the best paediatrician in Jubilee Hills, Hyderabad for help.

4. Persistent Cough and Cold

You would be surprised to know that cough and cold symptoms could also require a doctor. Children who are slightly older do might not need to see the pediatrician but if the baby is 3 months or below, you must talk to your doctor. Something trivial as the common cold can develop into serious medical conditions like croup, pneumonia or bronchitis.  Don’t hesitate to talk to the doctor if the child is not being able to breathe freely, nose is blocked for over 10 days, has persistent cough more than week and has severe earache.

5. Urinary Problems

If the child is experiencing bouts of pain while peeing or is peeing frequently, medical attention is required immediately. Burning sensation occurs when the urine touches the irritated skin around the urethra and vagina. It could mean your child is suffering from a urinary tract infection (UTI). This disease is commonly seen in girls than boys, as women have shorter urethra. In case of a new born, the symptoms of UTI could be fever, strong urine odor, blood with urine and diarrhea. If not treated promptly, the infection can spread to the kidneys. Often kidney stones can result in similar symptoms.

If these signs become common for your child, consult a well-qualified pediatrician in Jubliee Hills, Hyderabad. Acting fast can save your child from developing chronic medical conditions.

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