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The revision assistance sheets are practical because they integrate different types of learning: tactile, visual and auditory. So number them in the order of the song, each card corresponds to a sentence. On the front, write the first 2-3 words of the sentence and the rest on the back. Then ask a friend to have you recite. Music production in USA

View and associate

Another method is to associate what you want to memorize with strong mental images. For example, if the song is about beauty, associate that idea with something or someone you find beautiful. This will create connections in your brain to remind you of the initial information. Admittedly, this is not the easiest way to learn a song but perhaps it will suit you!

Listen to the song before sleeping

Your brain continues to work even when you are asleep, so be sure to read the lyrics or listen to the song you want to know by heart just before you go to bed.

Copy the lyrics

Finally, a very simple but seemingly forbidding way of retaining information is to write it down. So use your pencils and copy the lyrics of the song several times in a row!

How to write the lyrics of a song?

If you ask me which aspect of the musical composition gives me the most trouble, I will answer you without hesitation the writing of the lyrics . Lyrics are the element that will give your music its full meaning . Because more than a simple text, the words of a song must fulfill several roles:

Carry the message of the song

Bring out the main melody

And ensure the overall consistency of the song

If you want your lyrics to be able to fulfill all of these roles, you will have to write them according to the other elements of your song: the melody, the accompaniment, and the rhythm.

I will give you a small example so that you understand this principle: We are going to relate a song to a puzzle . Like a puzzle, a song is made up of several distinct pieces (the melody, the accompaniment, the rhythm and the lyrics). However, even if each of these parts occupies a fully-fledged function, it is not possible to consider them separately: each of them depends on the other, and together they form a whole .

 Writing good words means choosing a piece that fits perfectly into the rest of the puzzle so that the final result is consistent .

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