What is Managed Dedicated Server? Why do you need it?

Posted by Sharmin Islam on January 6th, 2020


For any new website or business owner budget always matters. You probably choose shared hosting when you're first launching your website. 

It's important to upgrade your website to a powerful plan when it grows. Dedicated servers can be an ideal choice because of its strong enhanced security features, resources and high traffic handleability. 

A dedicated server is a hosting technology that is rented entirely by an individual, organization or application. The resources of a dedicated server are not shared with any other customer, service or application. It allows a company or a client company to access the server. Compared to other hosting technologies, a  dedicated server costs more but it helps the users to maintain and manage their server by using dedicated resources. 

The service provider offers either a managed or unmanaged dedicated servers. Managed dedicated server is a type of hosting where the service provider performs all the activities to maintain and manage the server. It provides 24/7 technical and administrative support with advanced features like application installations, timely upgrades and maintenance, monitoring, security, regular data backups, restart services, load-balancing, and almost all the important services related to dedicated server hosting. 

An unmanaged dedicated server also offers complete control over the server and web hosting to the customers. But, it requires some specific skills to manage the server, its applications, timely monitoring and maintenance. As a client, you will be responsible for troubleshooting all technical and maintenance-related issues and emergency fixes which are not covered in the service level agreements. 

Difference between the managed and unmanaged servers.

Unmanaged servers may be cheaper for you but managed technology is always preferable for a business. You will get an expert dedicated team for tech support when you pay for a managed dedicated server. This service comes with more advanced features like application installations, their timely upgrades and maintenance, monitoring, security, regular data backups, restart services, load-balancing, and almost all the important services related to dedicated server hosting. Businesses will find it as an ideal service that lacks technical skills. 

On an unmanaged dedicated server, you have full control and freedom over sole access to use the server as your own computer. It’s significantly cheaper than the managed services. So, you may opt for this if you have enough technical knowledge and want a cheaper option.

But, the web hosting service provider will no longer be responsible for security vulnerabilities installed by the client. An extra tech support request sent to the hosting company will result in an extra charge. 


Why should you prefer a managed dedicated server?

It’s absolutely your choice to choose the best server plan according to your needs. From the different points of view, a managed dedicated server is a good option for the business or organizations who don't want to have a disturbance of server management. 

Managed dedicated servers are an undoubtedly better option and easy to operate multi-user apps, databases of any kind, SaaS, virtualization, resellers, high traffic sites, and multiple websites. It’s all about reliability, good support, better security, high uptime and so more that needs to run a business smoothly. 

Choosing a Good Platform

Considering all the advantages, managed dedicated hosting can be the best alternative for your business. Many companies of information technology are providing managed dedicated servers with essential resources and support. Not only the service but choosing a good service provider also matters where you feel comfortable to get your preferable service. So, It’s very important to get the service from a reliable web hosting service provider. 

After discussing the benefits of managed dedicated servers, you must opt for this. You can get a customized and powerful server from Mylighthost, a reliable web hosting service provider in Bangladesh. They offer managed dedicated server with 100% guaranteed network uptime, DDOS protection, 24/7 tech support for configuring and troubleshooting your server.  

Managed hosting is far less work and requires little expertise. Perhaps, you don't have enough time to manage your server on top of your other business tasks. In this case, a managed solution can be your choice. 


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