How will World of Warcraft change in 2020

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on January 6th, 2020

With the new expansion pack released at the end of the summer of 2019, the official forecast for World of Warcraft will usher in a new change in 2020.

This year will be the most important year for World of Warcraft. It definitely needs a whole new change. Although the expansion has been released, the battle of Azeroth has been steadily played, and has brought a new experience to players. But this is still not enough. The Shadowslands expansion provides a new opportunity for players who are meaninglessly sharpened by the Battle of Azeroth. Usually these players are very impressed with these collective activities. Not to mention the almost incomprehensible story.

The main patch can only bring so many experiences to players, but a new extension is a chance, it can make all the past imperfections disappear and reset everything. And introduce a brand new idea and system. Whether you are a devout believer or a cynical veteran, it is undeniable that the release of new expansions is always an exciting time in Azeroth. At the same time, the new expansion will bring more rewards to players, including increased access to WOW Classic Gold.

But what else can players expect from World of Warcraft in 2020? Here is a quick breakdown of everything that happened this year.

8.3 patch will bring a perfect stop to BFA

Although many posts in the guild will make you think BFA is a bunch of bad things, in fact, the currently controversial expansion of Warcraft has significantly improved after each major update. The official game team will constantly improve the imperfections in the game based on player comments.

For example: In the upgraded version 8.2 of Azshara, Blizzard finally completely changed the much despised Azeroth armor and Azeroth's heart system, turning the heart of Azeroth into a usable one. Special essence customized equipment from different places. In the game, if players feel that their WOW Classic Gold is insufficient, they can choose to go to to Buy WOW Classic Gold, where you can buy the cheapest Warcraft, and three trading methods, multiple payment methods, 10m Fast shipping allows you to buy with confidence and secure transactions, it is worth your try.

These stable improvements are likely to appear in the 8.3 update, Visions of N'Zoth, but I don't think it will change the way people think about the entire Battle of Azeroth. On January 14th, "Visions of N'Zoth" will launch a lot of new features, including new raid, N'Zoth attack on two new areas, and a new mode called "horror vision", it The inspiration comes from the Legion's ultra-hard Mage Tower challenge. It will also conclude the story of Azeroth and prepare for The Shadowslands.

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