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Posted by john kabir on January 6th, 2020

Always pay attention to the cutting edge of the circular saw

The cutting wedge is one of the most important elements of a circular saw: it ensures that the two divided pieces of an element do not collide after cutting. This prevents blocking of the blade. Different wedges are required depending on the width and depth of cut. Before proceeding with the cut, make sure you have the right wedge available for your workpiece. Best Pole Saw

Safe working with the circular saw: straight cuts

Contrary to an alternative saw or circular saw, only straight cuts can be made. Make sure that the element to be cut is well fixed.

The right cutting depth is also indispensable for a straight cut with the circular saw: the ideal cutting depth is approximately 5 millimeters greater than the thickness of the workpiece. Before starting the cut, the circular saw must be correctly adjusted. To do this, use the knobs or the lever of the tool.

In addition to the depth, the cutting angle can also be changed. As a rule, the blade is positioned at a right angle to the guide plate. There is also talk of zero position. To change the angle just loosen the fixing screws. With the help of a ladder set the desired angle and retighten the screws.

Be careful to use the suitable blade: the corresponding blade is available on the market for each material. The blades differ for example in the number of teeth. The higher the number of teeth, the sharper the cut will be.

A guide is particularly recommended for making particularly long cuts. The guide allows you to make straight cuts. The rubber foil fixes the guide to the material preventing it from slipping. Especially for materials such as glass, it is definitely an advantage.

The track is intended for the realization of various wooden works. With it, you can cut trees of different diameters and cut them into boards or bars. In addition, this tool is used for carving wooden figures. To properly use a chainsaw, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the technology of various works and safety standards, the neglect of which leads to very disastrous consequences.

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