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Posted by john kabir on January 6th, 2020

A strip of trees is quite a traumatic process, because at the slightest mistake, the cut tree trunk, with a huge mass, can fall on a person working with a chainsaw. Therefore, it is not enough to have this unity and desire to cut down a tree. Before you start working with a chainsaw, you need to know the basic rules for working with this tool. Therefore, the safety precautions for killing contain the following articles, which it is forbidden to ignore.

The operator of the chainsaw must be in a sober state, i.e. not under the influence of alcohol or drugs.  Best Pole Saw

Before starting, it is necessary to check the technical conditions of the chainsaw: sharpening and tensioning the chain; tire health (no deformation); maintenance of the chain lubrication system; maintainability of the saw chain brake; correct the carburetor adjustment.

When the engine is running, it is forbidden to touch the cutting part of the chainsaw (tire and saw chain) with your hands. If you want to do something with the headset, turn off the engine first.

Must use eye protection: safety glasses or visor.

 Protective mask

Since a chainsaw is a very noisy tool, it is recommended to insert earplugs in the earmuffs.

You should always wear a helmet on your head, as there is a high risk of large branches falling when felling trees.

Shoes must be selected according to the following principle: must be made of resistant material (rough leather); on the sole should be deep protectors that effectively prevent slipping; The nose of the shoe must be protected by a metal plate which will protect against injury in the event of an open circuit and hitting in the leg.

The clothing material must have high strength, be snug and adapt well to the body. This significantly reduces the risk of clothes being caught by the saw and wrapped around the tool.

It is not advisable to start feeling alone.

Always hold the chainsaw when working for two hands.

Never fill the unit with the fuel mixture while you are inside. Furthermore, it is not possible to do this when the engine is running. Always tighten the tank cap tightly.

To transport the chainsaw in the working state (assembled) it is possible only with a case lined on the cutting part of the unit.

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