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Posted by Allen Lee on January 6th, 2020

Welcome to Ningjin Runda Machinery Equipment Co., Ltd
Model No.: RD-8 Place of Origin: China Manufacturers
Chains are generally metal chains or ring, used for mechanical transmission, traction. A chain, as in a street, river, or harbour entrance, used to obstruct traffic.

China Machinery Manufacturers--In the same kind of products, according to the basic structure of the chain, that is, according to the shape of components, with the chain meshing parts and parts, parts size ratio and other aspects of the division of the chain product series. There are many types of chains, but they have only the following basic structures, and the others are all variations of them. We can see from the above several kinds of chain structure, most of the chains are composed of chain plate, chain pin, shaft sleeve and other components. Other types of the chain just chain plate according to different needs to make different changes, some in the chainplate scraper, some in the chainplate installed on the guide bearing, and in the chainplate installed on the roller and so on, these are for the application in different applications to modify. ,Please click on the website to see.
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Chains are basically labour-intensive products, and many developed countries have switched to developing countries for production, which has brought new opportunities for China's chain to expand exports. Chain manufacturing capacity is the decisive factor of chain manufacturing, and the core of chain manufacturing strength is the process degree of chain manufacturing. The degree of chain manufacturing technology depends largely on the degree of chain consumer expertise. The strength of process equipment directly affects the consumption efficiency of a chain manufacturing company and the economic benefit of product quality. In recent years, the chain industry of our country is very attention to hardware devices, a lot of chain enterprises spend a lot of money and manpower and material resources, implementation of chain using technical renovation project of electromechanical integration equipment, successfully developed a high degree of strength of chain exclusive use manufacturing equipment, and put into use, its professional consumption efficiency high, technological process more hasten is reasonable, function more fully, to make our country small and medium-sized specification practice chain manufacturing power had a significant progress in the next step in the development of chain industry in China, to the concept of scientific development, accelerate transformation of the model of economic growth and improve the quality and efficiency of growth,We will follow the development path of "high yield, high quality, high efficiency, low consumption and low pollution" with our own characteristics, and comprehensively enhance the independent innovation and core competitiveness of the whole industry and enterprises. It can be said that China's chain market is showing the development trend of "low class with demand, middle class with sweet, high class with hope".Therefore, it can be said with certainty that the next five years will be the new long-term chain industry in China.

China Machinery Factories--Ningjin runda machinery equipment Co., Ltd (formerly fengyuan conveying machinery factory) develop in Shandong NingJin qi industrial park, is a production-oriented enterprise is given priority to with transportation equipment, main products: stainless steel mesh belt, mesh belt conveyor, stainless steel chain plate, hoist, air bubble cleaning machine, drying machine, turning machine, dryer mesh belt, chain plate dryer, and other products, the products are widely used in acid, alkali environment conditions screening and filter, oil industry as mud mesh, chemical fiber, electroplating, mining, petroleum, chemical, food, medicine, heat treatment, logistics, express delivery industry, electronic industry, glass industry, machinery manufacturing and other industries. With the operation of the ISO9001 management system, the integration of factory

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