Emerging trends that define the next 10 years of Software Testing

Posted by cyber success on January 6th, 2020

Testing is an indispensable part of developing computer software. A lot of effort is put to make sure that the software does what is expected and without any errors or exceptions. With changing times, the way testing is done also changes. Now with many external and internal changes to the software industry, we can also expect many changes in the way testing is done.

In this article, we briefly explain the trends that define the next 10 years of Software Testing.

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  • The growing use of Technology across many Industries

Digital Technology is now being adopted by many industries that want to get the benefits of it. Though Science has been using Software and computers since the early days of them, With new developments in computing, they too find new ways of using them. Insurance, Medicinal, and health care, Travel,  Industries are also increasing the use of computers thus software for a myriad of different tasks to provide the best value to their customers.

It is no doubt that software should be reliable because many of these applications are critical for their users. In order to provide such high quality, thorough and well-done testing is required which requires working knowledge of relevant industries and testing approaches that will be tailored to them. Our Software Testing classes in Pune will give you all the general skills that are required by all the industries and will also teach you how to adapt to a particular industry.

  • Heightened Expectations and different methodologies

With increasing computing potential, consumers expect more and more of their devices which transcend the expectation of software that makes them do the work. In order to deliver that high-quality software on time, many different methodologies of developing software and the means of testing them were proposed. But soon after that, the software industry fell into different camps each insisting that their methodology is the best.

Some adopt Agile methodology while some adopt DevOps. Each has its own merits and demerits depending on the kind of project and each has its own way of testing too. These dictate who, when and how testers need to interact which means that testers need to adapt. Adding to this, companies are considering to take the best of two worlds and trying a collaborative development using the methods of both Agile and DevOps where they are suitable. Our Software Testing training in Pune will also have brief classes about Agile and DevOps so that you will have an idea of them and better able to adapt.

  • Growing Use of Automation and Machine Learning

With massive amounts of data available in many of the industries, many are using Machine learning to gather insights from them like using predictive analysis to better understand and predict what customer needs. Another big thing that is changing many industries is Automation. While there are many different opinions about how Automation will and should change the field of Testing, it is certain that things are not going to be the same and Testers should be prepared for any kind of change.

  • Growing Security Risks and Concern

With expanding internet and sophistication of tools and procedures used for hacking, there is ever-increasing security risks and concern for it. So Software Testing must also be able to uncover any security holes prior to the publication of software so that they could minimize the loss.

Our Software Testing Courses in Pune will give you a foundation in a number of different fields relating to network security so you will be able to understand and test for the security of the products.

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