Top 6 Worst Things about Relocating to a New Home

Posted by Elena Gilbert on January 6th, 2020

Fewer challenges in life are as great as relocating to a new place, be it a new locality, city, state or a new country. Youngsters are often thrilled with the idea to move to a new location, whereas kids and family people often dread such a situation for the fear of leaving behind the comfort zone. But it’s not just the comfort zone, people fear to lose. Much is at stake when you have to move.

The blog aims to highlight some of the most dreadful aspects of moving that people do not want to confront when they chose not to move.

1. Stress

OK. You knew that was coming. It had to, with the amount of work that has to be done before and after the move. Pre-moving work requires planning, calling for a survey for quotes, sorting things out and getting rid of unwanted stuff, and packing up. Then comes the actual date of moving that’s a work in itself. If you are not hiring Removals in Ruislip professionals, the stress level just notches up manifolds. Later, for post-move, it is unpacking, re-installations, setting rooms up and settling down for good.

The whole project still not talks about the subtler yet more important stuff like the psychological, financial and social impact of the move.

2. Inventory damage

When you have finally decided what you are keeping and whatnot for the new home, chances are you have only the most thoughtful, useful and precious things left to be packed. And if you shied away from taking sufficient insurance or forgot to discuss in detail about it, you could end up not being able to replace the in-transit damaged item.

So you need to be very careful while packaging and then about insurance. Having the right knowledge and expertise can save you from worries and help you make the right insurance claims.   

3. Frauds

Since you are moving with all your expensive items along with the things you would absolutely require, you cannot hire a mover just because he is offering the lowest quote. Often this is a trap to defraud the unsuspecting relocating individuals/families. You wouldn’t want to be in your new place, having lost every single item you owned because the rogue mover ran away with it. Or he may hold your priceless items to be exchanged for a ransom. 

While researching for a mover, be very careful as well as detail-oriented and demand the legal documents that prove their authenticity. Hiring locally and going with the recommendation of friends and family often serves best.

4. Robbery

Nothing could really assure you of safety and security while on the road. Robbery can cause you much financial damage that could be equivalent to the harm caused by rogue movers. They can choose to take whatever they like and often the fear of life lets this crime happen. Generally, the action takes place at night when the journey is long and open to the criminal offense. You need to be very very careful and make sure you have insurance covering this aspect as well along with other unforeseen yet possible circumstances.

5. Accidents

Although the drivers responsible for transporting personal valuables are very careful and well-instructed, sometimes accidents are unavoidable. Bad weather, a wrong turn, an unscrupulous driver or an out-of-control vehicle or many such things can lead to severe damage to your goods. The only thing you can do is to see that the company you are hiring takes good care of their vehicle and maintain them as needed and provide the secure Storage in Harrow if you want to keep your items. The most important thing is their drivers are professionals with years of experience.

6. Adapting to the new surroundings 

Sometimes in the excitement of a new opportunity, many states of mind could get undermine, which later can become a serious issue. Like pets and kids may not easily accept the forthcoming change and try to turn down the move any way they think that is possible. Often, it is the fear of leaving the comfort zone; things that they know of and familiar with which can also include sports and routines like hobby classes. If you are a plant lover, even they face a tough situation that demands their survival.

If the transition is not well acquainted with and done in haste, it can most certainly negatively impact your family and thus your personal life. Don’t think you can keep your professional life separated from that. Your source of excitement, the opportunity, can well transform into a throbbing pain and a nightmare if not handled with caution.


You need to address every single issue with much thought and discussion to come up with the best possible and smooth way. When everyone’s made comfortable with the move and the hired removal company is extremely professional to the best of our knowledge (and research) only then plan the move and start preparing for it with family!

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