How to quit smoking for good

Posted by Terry on January 6th, 2020

I always wanted to know more about how a person can quit smoking for good. There are many people and friends who I know, actively smoking, and they all tried quitting at least 20 times without any success. It always leaves us to wonder – can one actually quit smoking for good? In this article, you will find 5 ways to quit smoking – methods that do work!

Can you quit smoking for good?

Smoking, as we all know, causes addiction. It’s not always just the nicotine in the cigarettes, but there is an entire range of thoughts, foods, drinks, habits, and even emotional conditions that either go along or trigger smoking altogether. The most definitive answer is yes, you can quit smoking for good, but it needs work, it does not just happen overnight.

According to the UK Statistics, there are approximately 3.9 million smokers in the UK with that number slowly decreasing thanks to an effort from local health organisations looking to help the public quit.

Method 1 – Changing your eating and drinking habits

Although it may sound a bit silly, changing your eating and drinking habits can help reduce or completely quit smoking. I mention both cases because it really depends on the person – for some, it’s just an aid towards the goal, for others, it is the complete, magical solution altogether.

Interestingly, there are some foods that, when eaten, would make your smoking a lot more enjoyable. There are studies to reveal that, for instance, steak and other meat, as well as burgers would make a cigarette taste great. This also proves the point about the power of habit – smoking after eating is a pattern, a habit. 

The solution is that you should first try to add different food items to your diet, which in turn may help you feel disgusted by smoking. Fruits, cheese, and vegetables are great alternatives because after consuming them, just one cigarette tastes really nasty. It’s not all about the food, but the activities after – so you can go for a conversation in the other room or do dishes instead of a smoking break. 

Method 2 – Change your company

No, I am not referring to your employer – but change the people who spend time with you. If you do insist to be with your smoker friends, you can tell them how you’re on a quitting plan and ask them not to light a cigarette when you’re around. If they don’t support your decision, then changing the company is the best idea.

Another reason I would personally change who I hang out with is that it is very likely that at least 2 of your smoker friends already tried and failed to quit smoking. So, do you think they would support your decision? They would try to convince you that since they tried it and failed to achieve the end goal, you shouldn’t bother trying, because you’d fail exactly like them.

Changing your company is also not the only trick. Since the addiction factor kicks in, you may observe smokers in the distance and start craving a cigarette instantly. Keep yourself busy, and do not try to tempt yourself to smoke just in a pitiful attempt to convince yourself that you can resist. Unfortunately, changes are you will not resist and the more you look at them, the more you crave.

Method 3 – Acknowledge your motivation

Some smokers would just ask – why should I quit? Well, that is a great question! In fact, only by answering that questions yourself, you can earn yourself some more motivation that you never thought you would have. Think about all the reasons: you’re spending extra money, your health suffers, you can’t run as well as non-smokers, you always have to go to smoking areas.

Then, if you have a young child or multiple children and you care about them, then think about it. Can you imagine yourself as being a great parent smoking a cigarette while holding your 3 months old baby in your arms? Also, would you be happy to find out that your children – especially if they are teenagers – are not only secretly smoking your cigarettes, but purchasing their own as well?

In most cases, the answer is that you’d hate yourself and you’d be miserable about your children becoming smokers, especially because you couldn’t set a good example for them – they would always come back saying that they have seen you smoke, so you are no good for advice. 

For some people, however, the above tricks do not work – you need the financial aspect. A simple way to look at it financially is this: what if you spent £10 per day on smoking each day of each year, and you’ve been smoking for 20 years? Doing some simple math, you suddenly realize that is exactly £73,000 – and don’t get me started on what else you could’ve done with that money!

Method 4 – Do not panic about withdrawal

Many smokers know that there are certain issues with withdrawal from nicotine – some people gain extra fat, other people feel shaky, stressed, overly emotional, irritated, or generally unwell for a few days or weeks, depending on how long they have been smoking for. The idea is to take it all in a relaxed manner. Even if withdrawal is definitely unpleasant, it passes easily and is not painful.

Mindfulness techniques are known to help reduce addiction and withdrawl symptoms. If you are able to put on your headphones ready with an anxiety soothing music then you can see the thoughts fade.

Method 5 – Don’t give yourself a plan B

For many people, the reason they fail to quit smoking for good is that they think about a plan B. “If I can’t resist after a few days, I’ll just smoke a last cigarette, I swear it’s just one” – is exactly what most smokers tell themselves. The problem with such a mentality is that it always fails to deliver. If you have a plan B, you don’t quit for good. Quit plan B as well, do not have it and your chances improve! 

If you do insist of having an alternative option when it comes to quitting cigarettes, there are plenty of options available including e-cigarette kits, stop smoking patches, pills, nicotine pouches, hypnosis.

Smokefree a UK government scheme has also some well noted guidance and support for those looking to quit smoking for good!


As you have seen, most of what it takes to quit smoking is a change in habits and mentality. There is no magical recipe, no magical way. You need to be determined, stay strong, know your motivation and go ahead with your plans. In the end, by the time you realize, you have already quit smoking for good! 

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