Improving Webstore Performance by integrating Magento and Microsoft Dynamics BC

Posted by alexpaul on January 6th, 2020

The world today is recognizing the importance of well-managed eCommerce websites. With a shift of businesses from offline stores to online stores, and more and more businesses flourishing in the online market, there is accession in the number of e-stores by the day.

While there may be many stories in the online market, new issues have sprung up that hamper the smooth functioning of online businesses and their data management, which in turn cause inconveniences for customers like overselling of products leading to unnecessary cancellations and hence spoil impression on customers.

Synchronization and data management are one of the most common and key issues that affect eCommerce website management. Inconsistency and discrepancy in data records have the potential to cause havoc. Such a difference in data causes inconvenience to customers leading to negative talks about the website, and a downfall in reputation. Hence, the key to a successful website is taking care of two main aspects, namely customer experience and operational efficiency and this is exactly what Magento does in the most seamless and convenient way possible.

It’s unlikely that you haven’t heard of Magento. With open source community flourishing, the open-source revolution is all set to benefit the field of eCommerce as well, and Magento is one of the leading platforms for such eCommerce websites.

Its holistic approach is sure to take your e-store one notch higher in terms of functional efficiency as well as customer experience. These benefits of business central Magento integration are mentioned below.

  • Functional Efficiency
    Any e-store owner would like to have a system functioning that is smooth and simple. Proper data management is the key to a successful e-store and Magento helps achieve that seamless operational efficiency.
    • Magento is designed in a way such that even a person with less or no technical knowledge can use it. It is robust even as a customized platform. It is simple to install and has various plugins.
    • Magento can support e-stores which are small in scale with a less or limited number of products. It can easily be scaled up for a more popular and well-known large eCommerce website as well.
    • Bidirectional sync of data increases transparency, as no party is kept in the dark as far as data is concerned.
    • Entering data manually can be slow, time-consuming, and error-prone. Magento does this job fluently and checks data for consistency, while automatically updating all the records and information.
    • Integration makes sure that all data is securely stored in databases, which can be accessed and data can be provided to different departments in real-time to smoothen operations.
    • There is no need to make any duplicate entries as integration with Magento makes sure information is transferred from the company store to the ERP software. Hence, orders and returns are all fulfilled automatically without any human intervention.
    • Consistency is no longer an issue as database records immediately reflect any changes in stock level and suggest cancellations, which ensure no overselling of the products.
    • Hence, business central Magento integration helps improve the overall efficiency of the eCommerce website and ultimately increases the traffic of your e-store, which in turn helps increase revenue.
  • Customer ExperienceCustomers are the most important part of any eCommerce store. The ease that a click of a button provides has increased the affinity of millions of people towards the idea of shopping from the comfort of their home or workspace without stepping out. Customers can either make or break the reputation of an e-store. A happy customer spreads positive word of mouth about the website, which in turn brings in more customers to your e-store, while a disappointed customer is likely to dissuade other potential buyers from visiting your online store, hence customer experience and customer satisfaction should be of utmost importance for any e-store. With the use of Magento integration, the overall customer experience can be made better in the following ways:
    • Magento can allow customers to get access to real-time and accurate information about products, their availability, shipment, and other inventory data. Effective customer communication and updates about various stages like the order being received, packaged, shipped, received, etc., keep the customers well informed and also increases their trust in the e-store.
    • Using Magento integration, customers can be given the freedom to choose from various shipping options based on factors like the cost involved, delivery time taken, special handling, priority services, etc. There may be cases wherein shipping can be done to various locations or a separate billing address. Giving buyers a say in such things makes them feel in control of the situation and yields the website user-friendly.
    • Customers can be offered prices automatically on factors like minimum cart amount needed to avail the lower price scheme. Buyers can also request for certain special prices. Magento Business Central Integration also helps the e-stores in offering multiple payment methods like various wallets, cash on delivery, net banking, etc. Absence of various options for payment is a major turn off for customers who may not be comfortable with certain payment options. It is important to have all popular payment methods available.
    • Various automated features can be incorporated using Magento integration including various tax calculations, conversions of currency. Recommendation of products is also a way by which customer experience is positively affected.

Magento business integration is no longer an option, but a necessity in the exponentially growing and competitive online space. With customers having multiple options and online platforms to choose from, business central Magento 2 Dynamics Business Central integration for your store is a great way to stand out amongst various other e-stores in terms of functionality, customization, performance, and user experience.

If you have an online store, big or small, your search for one of the best platforms for eCommerce ends here. A business central Magento is exactly what you need. As the owner of an e-store, it is natural to want a reliable source of information, which maintains consistency of data and in turn prevent overselling for products, bad reviews and helps maintain a positive image of your website. To achieve this, a robust business central Magento is a must. So in case, your website needs a boost, you are at the right place!

Take your eCommerce platform one-step higher in functionality. Give your customers a benchmark customer experience with Magento 365 integration. We, at i95Dev, are here to provide you and your e-store with the best customizable services in the market. From Magento customization to design and development, search engine optimization, website development, and shipping, we work around your needs and provide customized solutions for business central Magento integration.

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