Bullying Prevention - Anti-Cyber bullying Laws

Posted by John Smith on January 6th, 2020

The cellular phone is the main software of cyberbullying with 90% of cases. The utilization of the computer or pill barely reaches 20% of cases. The most frequent type of cyberbullying is through WhatsApp (80% of cases). Social support systems account fully for 36.2% of instances of school cyberbullying. The insult is the explanation for bullying in 81% of instances of cyberbullying and the vast majority refers to the bodily features of the prey (36%), retribution and aggressiveness of the bullies (10% in both). Threats account fully for 37% of the factors behind bullying. The next way or reason for cyberbullying is the dissemination of rumors (11%) in regards to the prey and in some instances, the impersonation in cultural networks.

In the case of cyberbullying, harassment for the prey is everyday in 71.8% of instances and 38% have already been supporting this situation for greater than a year. Cyberbullying may arise often in the form of a risk with personal messages or through comments or says on social networks whose purpose would be to ridicule the victim.

When we discuss cyberbullying, e mean one of many principal problems for fathers, mothers and the educational community. The meaning of cyberbullying in Wikipedia refers to the term electronic harassment or cyberbullying and "is the use of electronic press to harass a person or group of persons, through particular problems, disclosure of confidential or fake information among different means."

To this classification, we should add the main element component that this situation is recurring continually around time. We're discussing an progress of the term bullying to which we integrate the term internet since this occurs through electronic devices or press (smartphones, social networks, forums, mail, webcam, and etc.) and that, therefore, Thus, it aggravates the situation, since it can arise for 24 hours.

Cyber bullying is one of many risks of social networks that is considered a crime, and that after it happens in the institution atmosphere it threatens the rights of young ones since it undermines their well-being and stops the progress of these school task, producing anxiety, harming the picture and affecting such crucial dilemmas as freedom of term or mental health of schoolchildren. Legislators and governments that should take actions to prevent the occurrence and enforcement of regulations against symptoms of cyberbullying In the case of Andalusia, the Ministry of Knowledge of the Board has this activity process against cyberbullying. When identifying an instance of cyberbullying we should take into consideration the most typical features in which cyberbullying occurs.

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