Multi Tenant IP PBX and Its Top Features

Posted by Rogers Jack on January 6th, 2020

VoIP solutions have benefited many businesses with its amazing features. There are different VoIP solutions available in the market and each of this VoIP solution is furnished with a wide array of features. We are going to talk about one of the top VoIP solutions, called, multi tenant IP PBX system.

What is multi tenant IP PBX software?

To know about multi tenant IP PBX solution, it is necessary to understand what IP PBX software solution is. PBX stands for private branch exchange and IP stands for internet protocol. An IP PBX solution provides a private telephony network to business. The business users can use all features made available by the top class IP PBX software. These telephony features use internet protocols. Thus, it offers more cost effective telecommunication compared to other options.

Multi tenant IP PBX system is an IP PBX software solution with tenant support. It means the owner or user of multi tenant IP PBX solution can create multiple tenants. These tenants can be controlled by the main admin. In simpler words, the tenant is a sub user. It can be another branch of the same business or a client who is using paid IP PBX services.

What are the top features of multi tenant IP PBX solution?

An IP PBX solution comes with a wide array of features and multi tenant IP PBX software has even more features. These features vary from provider to provider. However, some of the top features available in the multi tenant IP PBX solution are listed below:

  •          Dashboard
  •          Phonebook
  •          SIP extension
  •          Ring group
  •          Call forwarding with different condition such as when busy, deactivated, no answer, toggle, etc.
  •          Call transfer
  •          Call hold and pickup
  •          Fine me Follow me
  •          Call waiting
  •          Blind call transfer
  •          Attended call transfer
  •          Voicemail access
  •          Call recording and playback
  •          Unlimited call queues
  •          Interactive Voice Response (IVR) solution
  •          Audio conferencing
  •          Reports
  •          And more

The admin of the multi tenant can define all features and limits. The admin can define it for the main admin and user accounts and also for tenants.

There are some providers that offer multi tenant IP PBX software with advanced billing. It makes it easier to run a business or measure the use of telecommunication resources by each branch.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution is made available to run operations related to the telecommunication of business with advanced features and without any interruption. The communication can be of advanced level such as it allows extensions to define different departments. The caller can directly dial the extension to reach the right department. It also provides an interactive voice response system so callers can be greeted professionally and assisted to reach the right person.

The multi tenant IP PBX solution provides one of the most powerful tools to its users. It is perfect for any industry vertical. It is most widely used in multinational companies and VoIP service provider businesses. It is available with white labelling so businesses can gain benefits for their own brand. 

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