How to co-opt a cost-effective SMPP service provider in India

Posted by shivangi on January 6th, 2020

Understanding business trends, there is often very little budget allocated for business marketing. While focusing on effective marketing, restricted budgets can prove to be a great challenge. However, with the economical SMPP server price in India , this challenge can be easily overthrown. Yes, you read it right! 

With SMPP services as your business marketing technique, you are cost-effectively featured in effective business marketing. This is mainly possible because of the usage of smart SMPP servers. To better understand and explore the economical aspect of these services, let us take a quick look at the dynamics of SMPP architecture. 

Dynamics of SMPP architecture offered by SMPP service provider

SMPP servers act as the central entities in the process of bulk messaging via SMPP services offered by SMPP service provider. Various business applications that wish to send/receive bulk SMS work as external messaging entities or ESMEs. SMP servers have the ability to connect with multiple ESMEs, provided ESME at a time. 

This sharing of the SMPP server is done on the principle of TDMA. Under this paradigm, whenever the business unit wishes to send/receive SMS via SMPP server, it establishes a secure session and transmits-receives desired bulk messages. Once entire data-transmission is executed, the session is abolished and the server is free to connect with other ESME. 

Economical SMPP server prices in India

SMPP server pricing is majorly dependent on the volume of SMS you intend to send. With more being the volume of messages, it is always recommended to choose high-load handling servers. Not to mention, investment in the procurement of SMPP servers is often a one-time activity and therefore shall be looked upon keenly. 

If you are looking for frugal and cost-effective SMPP server in India, then is an ideal recommendation. The servers from this SMPP service provider are structured with industry-standard level-7 TCP/IP protocol. Use of latest SMPP server versions 3.4v and 3.5v further adds the distinctive feature of high performance that allows you to send millions of bulk SMS just in a jiffy. Interestingly, despite offering such distinctive and attractive features, offers cost-effective SMPP server price in India. 


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