Get the best neurosurgery at an affordable cost in Chennai

Posted by Ankit Sharma on January 6th, 2020


The brain is known to be the most complex part of the human body, and so are its disorders. Neurosurgery is a branch of medicine that deals with the various critical diseases and complications of the brain, cervical bones, and spine. Traditionally neurosurgery was considered to be a risky procedure and did not derive a majority of successful results.

However, today, with advancements and researches in the technology, knowledge, and equipment, the cases of neurosurgery are not as complicated as they used to be. Keyhole laminectomy, laminectomy and shunts for hydrocephalus are some of the common neurosurgeries today. With the application of high-end machines and increased precision obtained from it, neurosurgery has become one of the most developed and prosperous surgical procedures.

Get the best neurosurgery at an affordable cost in Chennai

Cost of Neurosurgery in Chennai

Neurosurgery is performed by high skilled neurosurgeons and required high-end machines and equipment for successful results. Given these demands, the price of neurosurgery is very high in countries like the USA and UK and is not at all affordable to even the domestic people. On the other hand, the Cost of Neurosurgery in Chennai is not even half of that offered in developed western countries, although neurosurgery here is performed in the same advanced operation theatres and state of the art facility that too under some of the best neurosurgeons. 

Best Hospitals for Neurosurgery in Chennai

Chennai is a metropolitan city and is a hub of some of the leading hospitals of the country that have teams of the best surgeons, A-grade services and state of the art facility. Following are some of the leading neurosurgery hospitals in Chennai:

  • Prashanth Super Hospital
  • Apollo Specialty Hospital
  • Gleneagles Global Health City
  • Fortis Malar Hospital
  • Boston Brain and Spine Care
  • Neuro Life Hospital
  • MIOT International Hospital
  • Vijay's Neuro Clinic 

Best Neurosurgeons in Chennai

Chennai is known to be the city of many expert neurosurgeons who have gained their knowledge from some of the top medical institutes, both national and international. They have a record of successful neurosurgery and have achieved peerless precision after years of dedicated service in this domain. Following are some of the Best Neurosurgeons in Chennai:

  • Dr K. Sridhar
  • Dr M R Sivakumar
  • Dr M. Kodeeswaran
  • Dr M. Balamurugan
  • Dr J. Mariano ABM
  • Dr Shankar Ganesh
  • Dr S. Selvapandian
  • Dr V.Soundappan 

Why choose Chennai for your neurosurgery?

People who are recommended to undergo neurosurgery are supposedly suffering from a critical disorder of the brain or the spine. Patients like these are always hesitant and doubtful about where, how, and under whom their procedure will be carried out. The cost of this surgery is also a concern of many.

All of these doubts are automatically invalid when one decides to undertake neurosurgery in Chennai. Reason being that Chennai is one of the most developed and modern cities of India that has the best neurosurgery hospitals in the country.

These hospitals not just have teams of the best neurosurgeons of the country but are also equipped with state of the art facility. Despite offering A grade package to the patients, the cost of neurosurgery in Chennai is very low and very much affordable to the patients. Thus Chennai is the best destination for neurosurgery.

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