Top 5 Common Mistakes of Painting You Should Avoid

Posted by Elena Gilbert on January 7th, 2020

Are you thinking to renovate your home this year and are looking around to start painting? As fresh paint does wonder on your wall inside and out. You can hire a painter to do this job and either do it on your own. There are some top quality painting tips that the painters and decorators have shared about what you should consider and what not while painting. People probably think that all they need to get this job done is to grab the paint that they want on their wall and a painting brush. But it is not correct. To get the perfect finish of the paint on your wall, you must have the correct preparation and equipment. Below mentioned are some of the mistakes that you should avoid to get the painting job done perfectly.

  1. Not to Consider Paint Samples in the Room

It is quite easy to choose the paint of your choice that you want on the walls. But while choosing the paint of your choice you are not aware of the thing of how it might turn out in the room. There are many more factors that need to consider and the main factor is “Lightning”. Maybe the color that you have chosen for your bright lightroom does not a proper replica when it painted in that room. This is the reason experts’ advice to find to look for samples and apply them on your wall to see what actually stands out and what would fit well.

  1. When You Do Not Consider the Walls

Preparing for the painting and wanting to get a smooth painting and decorating job is typical especially when you have done House Extensions in East Grinstead. You should cover up the floors, removing pieces and furniture because it will help you in the longer run. Taping switch covers and wrapping doorknobs are just examples of easy steps to add just to make everything clean and professional in the end. The thing that is forgotten mostly is to clean the walls. It will give a smooth finish to the wall. It is not considered if the wall is dirty, has scratches or hair particles. If you clean the wall with a rag and warm water, it can make a lot of difference to the quality of the painting.

  1. You Should Use the Right Paint and Equipment

When you have finally decided what paint and shape you want, just go to the shop to buy the one. But when you go to the store you are faced with many types of formulas and paints that will confuse you for a moment. You need to either consider the surface of the wall that you are going to work with. Has it been treated with an oil-based formula? If you apply the latex paint on the top of the paint, it may cause the paint to peel. The experts know what the best solution for this will be. Therefore it is important to have the best painting and decorating service that can assist you.

  1. Do Not Skip Primer When Painting

When you primer the walls it will give a clean and quality surface to facilitate the adhesion. Primer would be the first layer to apply when doing Painting & Decorating in Oxted. It will help to bring out the color that you desire and it will conceal blemishes. It is critical and will be cost-effective in the longer period. You should avoid oat again and again on the wall.

  1. Painting in the Low Light

You have to be fully prepared when painting. If you paint in the dim light it may seem good to you at that moment but not in the long run. You have to make sure the room is well lit with natural light. The best to schedule is early morning because it is the brightest part of the day where a lot of natural light will come in. You should choose the painter who is professional and will provide a hassle-free, reliable process with their flexible hours.

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