Why Prefer Custom Made Gown Over a Designer Gown?

Posted by vasilikicouture on January 7th, 2020

Be it any special day or celebration, a beautiful gown for a girl makes it more memorable. Make it a traditional gown for your wedding or a professional gown for your professional event, every time it will be special. Many designers are up with their designs in the market for every celebration and event but are they worth or complete your wish. Sometimes yes but mostly No. It is true that wearing a designer dress makes us feel luxurious and plays an important role to stay one step ahead from others but still, it feels that something is missing. The dresses are already designed so there are no chances of any additional inputs or changes. It is like wearing what you get without any if and but. To avoid such restriction in preparation for your special, it is good to get a Custom made gown. You might feel how difficult it is. Planning, designing, explaining to the tailor will all be your headache plus it will take much more time. As compared, you will find it easy to go and get an already stitched gown. It will be comfortable and easy but you will not get exactly what you wish or dream for. Other than this, you will also get to enjoy many other benefits of custom made gown over a designer gown.

  • Gown will only fit you

Customization means starting the stitching process after taking your right measurements which implies it is not for others. The designer gowns which are already stitched are mostly free size and you will either get a replica or the altered piece. Both options make to lose the importance and do not perfectly suit your body type. The fit will not be accurate and make you look odd.

  • Unique amongst all

If idea and planning are yours, it means there is no copy of the same. Until you do not express your thoughts, the tailor will not design the same and never come in the market. You will be the first to wear and later people can follow. The design will be unique, different and nothing common as per the market trends.

  • Cost-effective for you 

The designers rate the gown as per their brand status and goodwill in the market. Though the designing level is general with no uniqueness, they will charge what they feel like. In the same price range, you can get custom made gown with many additional features. There will be no brand name included in your gown but you will get what you want in at the best price.

Along with all the benefits mentioned above, you will feel like it is you on a special day. It will give the best feeling and you will cherish the day forever. But wait, it will only be successful if you get your idea of custom made gown implemented from the trained and experienced tailor.

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