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Hiring A Work Injury Attorney—The Ultimate Guide

Posted by MyPhillyWorkers on January 6th, 2020

Getting injured at work brings with it a series of stressors—the pain, medical expenses, worry regarding your job, etc. while many employees work according to the Worker’s Compensation Act and provide employees their rightful compensation and benefits, others are not so eager to do so.

Therefore, employees find it beneficial to hire a work injury attorney who would handle their case with their experience and give them justice.

However, with a host of attorneys out there, how do you know which will be best for you? Keep reading the article to find out how you can hire the best attorney for your work comp case.

Ask For Recommendations From Friends And Family 

The first thing you want to do is to ask recommendations from your friends and family. Did someone recently go through a work comp? How was their experience with a particular attorney? Would they recommend them to you? Asking your close ones these questions will give you some direction towards finding the right attorney.

Research Online

Another great way to find a good attorney is to search online. Always add your local area in the search bar to find local attorneys. This way you’ll know you’ll be working with lawyers who are well aware of your state’s laws.

Verify Their Credentials

Once you’ve found an attorney with good qualifications and experience, verify their credentials. Do they have your state’s particular license and certifications? Have they been recognized at other platforms? Doing research about your state’s licensing requirements and verifying your potential attorney’s qualifications with them will help you in deciding whether or not you’d hire them.

Take Time Out For Initial Consultation

Many lawyers offer free initial consultation to see whether they would be able to handle your case or not. By all means avail this opportunity and have an open conversation regarding your case.

During this meeting, ask the lawyer about their experience in the field, the extent of their work, will they represent you in trials and appeals, their references, etc. This meeting can help you in deciding if you trust them enough to work with them. Remember, you’ll be sharing sensitive information with them so it’ll be better if it’s someone you’re able to trust.

Look For Someone Who Listens To You And Treats You With Respect

At the end of the day, you’re looking for someone who hears your side of the story with an open mind and heart. You are looking for someone who treats you with respect and has your best interest at heart.

If you’re looking for work injury attorney Allentown, get in touch with Cardamone Law. With years of experience and a host of work comp cases executed, they’re sure to help you out with your case. Contact them today for a free consultation.

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