World of Warcraft: 8.3 Horror Illusions

Posted by Ambroise Pierre on January 7th, 2020

The horror illusion is a hybrid of the wither training, the death of Cromy; and some new mechanisms have been added around the subject of "corruption".

The horror illusion is the only way to upgrade the orange cloak; the orange cloak is the only growth path to resist the corrupted value on the equipment; therefore, the horror illusion has a very important impact on the players in the great mystery and the guild.

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It is also worth mentioning that the special effect of the orange cloak: "Reduces the loss of sanity by xx%" is no longer valid for the team copy.

That is to say, after the boss of the 8.3 team copy of Niorosa: the body of Enzos, the two bosses of Enzos, the sanity mechanism will always exist as an important battle mechanism; it will not follow the orange cloak level The improvement is thus easily accessible.


10,000 [Condensed Illusions] for 1 [Horror Illusion Container]. [Terror illusion container] is habitually called "ticket" by players.

Small illusion

The full name of the small illusion is "Illusion of Enzos". Its entrance is refreshed in the invaded map every week. The hint on the map is similar to the world mission, except that the icon is an obelisk. The small illusion is not a scene battle, but just another plane of the map; so there is no need to form a team, and you can see other players in it.

There are small illusions every day, but the returns are diminishing: the first small illusion each week rewards 2000 [condensed illusions], and the subsequent small illusions reward 1000 [condensed illusions]. It takes about 5 minutes to complete a small illusion.

Big illusion

The illusion is called "horror illusion", and its entrance is in the secret room of the heart. The big illusion is a scene battle that accepts 1-5 players to form a team or solo.

There are two big illusions, namely Stormwind City and Orgrimmar, which rotate on a weekly basis; this week is Orgrimmar, and next week is all Stormwind City.

A ticket is required to enter the Great Illusion. Produce all 8.3 core items and provide more difficult challenges later.

time plan

1 big raid per week = 1 ticket; 2 small raids per week = 11,000 [condensed illusions]; 7 small phantoms per week = 8000 [condensed illusions].

Add a little world quests (50 [Condensed Illusions], 6 quests per day) and money to drop WOW Classic Gold, you can get up to 3 tickets per week; if you want your character's orange cloak progress Behind, then the character must have 3 tickets and only need to invest 2 hours of game time each week.

Summary: Get up to three tickets for Horror Illusions each week.

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