What is TMJ and how your Austin dentist can help you?

Posted by adairsawyer on March 7th, 2012

Temporomandibular Joint Dysfunction, better known as TMJ is one of the common oral health problems that can be incredibly painful. The condition affects the jaw line. An Austin dentist can recommend excellent TMJ solutions to patients suffering from this typical condition. It is estimated that over 30 percent of the American populace experiences some sort of TMJ disorders at one point of time in their loves. The condition is very difficult to cure. Only an experienced Austin dentist can understand how to take a methodic approach and treatment TMJ conditions.

What causes TMJ problems?

TMJ problem, according to experienced Austin dentist, is caused by many ways. However, the commonly known cause is stress. That’s right! TMJ disorders are stress induced. The tendons and muscles present in the jaw tend to become rigid and very tight. It creates pressure on the jaw, usually far from either side, thereby displacing it. The displacement causes pain, and this is how the problem initiates.

If the condition is not treated properly, chances are that it could lead to severe complications, effecting the neck, face and shoulders. Bruxism is one of the common signs of TMJ.

Symptoms of TMJ

If any of the following symptoms are observed or felt for quite some time, patients must report it to their Austin dentist immediately.

* difficulty in eating, chewing, opening or closing mouth

* painful teeth and gums

* sinus pain

* jaw soreness early in the morning

* pressure behind ears

* hearing difficulties

* teeth grinding

* locked jaw

* ringing ears or tinnitus

* teeth clenching

* typical clicking noises while closing

* pressure behind eyes

* hearing disorders

* headaches

TMJ treatment options with Austin dentist

Austin dentist will fist evaluate the whole mouth. The process of evaluation is important as it will help in locating the signs of dysfunction. There are surgical and non-surgical treatments available for these complications. In case of non-surgical treatment, which is the most preferred, some anti-inflammatory drugs are given to soothe swelling. Exercises are recommended to strengthen the jaw muscles. Changes in the chewing and eating habits are also suggested. Sleep guard might be suggested to patients who are suffering from severe problems. However, these are not concrete solutions to the problem, as the main complications lie deep within.

Austin dentist will plan a comprehensive course of treatment that will help patients in recovering from their condition. Because TMJ is a critical condition, there might be multiple treatments involved. Usually, the treatment is based on certain procedures, used in combination, for best results. Austin dentist take additional care in regards to TMJ conditions because of the criticality and the effect n jaw.

Custom appliances like sleep guards are beneficial for lessening the signs and pain caused by TMJ disorder. It helps in keeping the jaw in correct position and alleviates grinding or clenching. Eating fluids, using cold or hot packs, avoiding strenuous movements and taking adequate rest can improve the condition significantly.

Suffering from TMJ? An Austin Dentist will correct this problem. Click on the links to learn more.

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