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Posted by Revision Agency on January 7th, 2020

Why marketing?

What does a customer need or interest? Does he trust the product? Is the customer satisfied with the product? These are few questions that determine the success of a business or product and the answer to these questions lie in marketing.

What is marketing?

Marketing is not just selling; butit is the process or series of activities that connect the product or service to its customer. Marketing encompasses all the activities that facilitate exchange of goods and services. This happens through market research, analysis and understanding the customer's interests. Marketingapplies to all aspects of a business that include including product development, sales distribution methods and advertising. Marketingmay he is done directly by the company itself with a dedicated marketing team or the company may hire services from a corporate that is dedicated purely to marketing and promotion to seek the attention of key audience.

 Services Marketing and their need

Services marketing is unique and a special division of marketing. Services marketing emerged after the recognition of unique characteristics of services required for different strategies of marketing. Service marketing refers to both (B2C) businesses to consumer and (B2B) 
business-to-business  services. Service marketers use an expanded marketing mix consisting of the seven Ps- product, price, place, process, promotion, people and physical evidence

Today Marketing and promotion is done on different mediums or platforms. The traditional mediumsinclude the print, radio, television, direct mail and telephone. But present era is also of digital marketing which include the online mediums like the email, social media, search engine marketing(SEM), PPC(pay per click) marketing, and mobile marketing.  There are various objectives benefits of each type of marketing and its utilisation that best facilitates them. The digital and print marketing specialist USAprovide print marketing like packaging & apparel services, back end development like 3D rendering, front end development like data organisation e-commerce marketing etc.

Earlier, the companies used these various mediums and market their products with separate marketing team of manpower and cost. Recently the concept of hiring services from third party is considered more effective with less cost. The companies make payments for use of access to skills and expertise, facilities or networks for a defined period of time instead of buying it outright.

The marketing plans are tailor made by specialised persons according to the clients need, market and the cost. Usually digital and print marketing specialist USA companies regularly refine their processes and newtechnologies using the latest software, techniques, and remarkably talented people. Talent acquisition process is selective in recruiting processes of new talents through rigorous training, execute optimal workflows with speed, accuracy and quality and protect the integrity of product, service, and brand.

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