What products can I buy in a pharmacy and which not?

Posted by markwahl barg on January 7th, 2020

The traditional role of compounding pharmacies is to make a drug that is prescribed by doctors for particular patients with needs that cannot be met by commercially available drugs. Visit our site and find the complete Compounding Pharmacies Directory.

With findrxcompounder.com, all products for sale in traditional pharmacies can also be purchased online.

Products available in pharmacies:

Creams of facial and dermo-aesthetic care: That is, all types of commercial creams and not specifically formulated in situ for cosmetic face and skincare.

Special soaps of intimate and body hygiene: Soaps and shower and bath gels specific for sensitive, allergic, oily skin, with neutral pH, etc. In our online pharmacy, you can also find generalist commercial gels, but it is more normal for them to work with specialized brands.

Articles and formulations of oral-dental hygiene: That is, all kinds of toothbrushes, pastes, mouthwashes, interproximal brushes or floss, among others.

Special hair care preparations: All types of dermatological shampoos, as well as antiparasitic or hair loss treatments. We can also find hair tonics, treatments with vitamins or dyes.

Sun protection and care creams: protective creams from both physical and chemical filters, as well as aftersun creams and bronzers, fall into this category.

First aid items: Strips, gauze, iodine to heal wounds, as well as antiseptics based on hydrogen peroxide and alcohol. We will also find physiological sera, both for ocular application and for clearing the nasal passages. Visit our site and Find Local Compounding Pharmacies in the U.S.

Natural weight control formulations: In compounding pharmacies, you can find from slimming infusions to green teas with guarana, artichoke infusions, horsetail, fat burning creams, and other products related to weight control.

Infusions and digestive and liver control pills: We will also find all kinds of digestive infusions based on natural products, as well as purification of the liver with detoxifying components, all of the herbal and related to natural medicine.

Enhancers of sleep and relaxation: This section includes infusions of plants that are involved in the relaxation and enhancement of the sleep cycle, always natural extraction.

Diagnostic devices: That is, especially thermometers, but also blood pressure meters, as well as pregnancy tests.

Vitamin and nutritional complexes: This section includes classic vitamin supplements, as well as encapsulated fat burning and diet bars.

Food and child care products: You can buy all kinds of baby milk and baby porridge, as well as snack pots, etc.

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