How to Design Mobile App Devices like Wearables & Watches

Posted by Mike on January 7th, 2020

Daily, we see various people wearing an Apple Watch or alike. These devices are steadily changing. Also, it turns our reviews about:

  • Wearable technology
  • How to design sites and apps
  • How to get the best UIs

Dubai Mobile App Development experts say,

Wearables current dares, unlike other design plans. The function is a prime matter, as is the size, with what will be one of the least screens artists have ever worked with you.

Do you know what Mobile App Development Company Dubai does in this regard? It creates visually aesthetic web designs. Its aim to build that does the following:

  • Drag a lot of users
  • Give a functional UX

So, you should do your best for this. Also, consider these things while designing a wearable UI.

  • Create Minimal Design

One of the best trends in design is already sound for wearables. Yes, we are talking about minimalism. 

These design modes you use for sites or even minimal-style print designs are pure for wearable and watch-like devices.

Keep the following parts simple & intuitive at small screen sizes:

  • Color
  • Typography
  • Imagery

You can use a flat design for a minimal style like:

  • Bright color
  • High contrast
  • Denial of design frills
  • Use Vibration

Wearables come with traits that you may not have sketched for in the past. Vibration is part of them. A mere hum can be the best way to create an interaction.

But you have to think well about how this will work. It should be smooth and fall in a way that is naive but will not be harsh or panic the user when they happen. 

Such interactions also need to happen rarely. If a guard whirs every minute, the user will promptly become frustrated and quit your app.

  • Voice Controls are Vital

Now, you can talk with voice-activated keys. Imagine, with a screen that small, who wants to touch it? In this case, the voice feature seems milder.

Design the interactions of your web app. It will look on a watch-style device like the Apple Watch. During this, the voice must be your top priority. It is a vital part of the Apple design.

  • Keep Typefaces Simple

When it comes to text on wearable devices, that is all you must know. It may sound tedious, but a pure sans serif with an equal cuff width is one of the mildest and most readable titles.

Evade typefaces that are ultra-light or reduced. The light coming by the watch face may not be enough to assure readability. Instead, be careful with the following styles:

  • Super thick
  • Black
  • Bold

Adhere to a typeface with a gentle stroke with and somewhat broad letterforms. 

  • Create It Intuitively

Each wearable device will be a slight difference. View the UI and real parts for each as you plan. The Apple Watch comes with a DIGITAL CROWN. It is a wheel that can zoom or scroll via info on the screen.

The design should work with all the real parts that a device holds. It should be intuitive and its function as well. If nothing else, this is an apology to own some of these devices. So, study how they work in the name of design analysis.

  • Visuals Must Mirror Design In Other Areas

The visual design for a watch screen should mirror the design UI of other devices. Yes, the screen will be confined. Interactions must focus on a single act. But, the entire aesthetic should have a similar peek and texture.

It goes back to the fame of the minimalistic idea. It’s a way that works on both kinds of devices. 

The same is right with many laws of flat design. For this purpose, these trends will stay to hold around and become chief factors for artists creating for these small screens.


Wearables are here and even more, have predicted to come. While we have yet to see what kind of success will occur in the market, there is a lot of enthusiasm circling wearable technology.

You (artist) have to be fit for it. Think about how your web app will work on this. Without wasting time, start work for wearable design technology now.

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