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Posted by michellumb55 on January 7th, 2020

Bangles are one of the ancient forms of jewellery and have been used by both men and women for centuries. The archaeologists have found proof indicating their existence over 4,000 years ago in South Asia. For all these years, bangles have appeared severally in different ways but have infrequently maintained their simple, basic design. In present days, either simple or complex, bracelets still bears strong religious and cultural symbolism in some parts of the world. Bangles are also the ideal presents that can be offered through a family as heirloom items. Therefore, choosing a perfect Jade bangle can mean a lot. Listed below are the key aspects you should put into consideration when buying a bangle.

Type Of Bangle                          

The very first consideration to undertake when buying a bangle bracelet is to decide what kind of bracelet you need since there is a variety in the stores.

Solid bangle - As the oldest, it has certified to be the most popular in recent times. It contains a rigid circular band that is worn by moving it over the fingers and wrist. Those who wear solid bangles have to be specific with the sizes varying, and it won't be able to fit.

Hinged Bangle - such kind of bangle features a hinge that is opened whenever it is being worn. The struggle of wearing such type of bracelet is simplified by a hinge, which makes it different

Beads Bangle - so many varieties of beads have been used in the production of bangle bracelets. Always be sure to specify to the seller whether beads used in a bracelet are glass, plastic, metal or stone. Made of semi-precious and precious gemstones their prices are much higher than the ones from all other types of beads.

Type Of Materials

Bangle bracelet is one of the few pieces of jewellery that combine different types of materials in their design. They can either be made from wood, glass, plastic and various kinds of metals. When buying one, you should put into account the specific purpose or occasion you need it for.

Wooden bangles - timber is well known to have a classic and antique feel which goes perfectly with any casual outfits. You can choose from either those finishes or settle on one that suits your style. They have attractive carvings which are guaranteed to make you look unique.

Glass Bangles - they are incredibly stunning. This is your gateway to making your outfit outstanding. They come in different colors that can be matched with other accessories. Indian bangles that have different colors bare different meanings. Red symbolizes energy, blue stands for wisdom and yellow means happiness. With this in mind, therefore, colored bangles can prove to be the ideal present.

Plastic Bangles - These are perfect for everyday wear because of their durability. They are also affordable. Therefore one can get a number of them and keep interchanging. Plastic Jade bangle comes in an assortment of different design and colors. Thus wearing plastic bangles is the perfect way to accessorize an outfit.

Gold Bangle - Gold symbolizes prosperity when worn as jewellery. Therefore gold bangles are perfect when worn with gowns at dinner parties or even with a pair of jeans. They sometimes, however, feature beautiful engravings that add to the aesthetic worth. However, consider, it is essential to deal with only one merchant when buying gold bangles to receive a superior quality for your investment.

Silver Bangles - There is something very extraordinary about silver. It is subtle yet tremendously elegant at the same time. Silver bangles also adopt the same attributes.

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