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Wondering what a locksmith can do? Do you think a locksmith only works with a lock and produces keys? You may be surprised, but a quality locksmith Beverly hills is able to do a lot of other work. The locksmith Westwood performs his work from initial measurements and estimates, through assembly, to the final result. It has all the tools for working with metal, knows its properties, can work with it in a comprehensive way, preserve and preserve.

The locksmith should suggest the most optimal solution to your problem, keep to the deadlines, propose a financial plan in terms of the use of material and everything needed to fulfill the order.


When choosing a Culver city locksmith, it is advisable to find out the positive but also negative references of previous customers or their recommendations and according to them to consider whether your chosen locksmith is really reliable.

No less important information when choosing a locksmith is the price for the services provided. Not always means the most expensive it's the best!

Our Locksmith Beverly hills has many years of practice and values ​​its customers and therefore offers really professional locksmith services for the region of Beverly hills and its surroundings at reasonable prices.

Locksmith Beverly hills provides the following locksmith services:

opening a locked door
opening cars
opening safes
opening and repair of locks
exchange locks
general, master and group key system
repairs of locks and doors in case of burglary
installation of security doors and security locks
fitting panic locks
sale and installation of safes
production and assembly of grilles and gates

How to open a locked door

Perhaps everybody in their lives happens to slam the door and leave the key inside. Sometimes you just hurry, or just have your head in the clouds and forget to take the keys. Sometimes your door will slam again. But we certainly agree that something like this may just happen. So what to do in such a situation?

As these are issues that you can attempt to mend your self, there is no genuine requirement to do so, as there are many companies offering locksmith Culver city services that can take action to you. These are professional services that may offer surefire answers to any your own lock difficulties.

Call the locksmith

The easiest solution is to call the locksmith. The door usually opens within a few minutes and at the same time it does not harm them at all. The first problem, however, is to get a locksmith's contact. Therefore, we recommend that you have a locksmith's number stored in your mobile phone - so you will be able to resolve such a situation very quickly. The locksmith Westwood will, of course, only open the door after you have verified that your permanent residence corresponds to the address of the apartment being opened.

Call firefighters (in case of danger)

You can only call firefighters if your safety is compromised, that is, if the lock is damaged and the door cannot be opened, or the draft slams the door on your balcony, for example.


The advantage is that firefighters open the door for free. But people often try to take advantage of this. However, we definitely cannot recommend this, because if the firefighters evaluate that you called unnecessarily, the door will not open to you and rather report you to the police.

Opening the door by yourself

If for some reason you do not want to use the locksmith in Beverly hills service and you are not in a position to call the firemen, you have no choice but to try to open the door yourself. Always leave the door levering and knocking out as a last resort - it would mean irreparable damage to the door or door frame and would then need to be replaced.

The door can also be opened using the lockpicking method. However, specialized tools are already required.

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