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Posted by Andre Russell on January 7th, 2020

Google algorithm is nothing but a set of rules that helps to perform the computer a very specific task. Also, the company changes its algorithm on a regular basis and doesn't even make the exact one public. People take the help of SEO services providers for improving the rank of their website in SERP by matching the standard of the Google Algorithm.

But there are some essential elements if included in website content, and then it would help you to get a high rank in the search engine result pages. Those elements are such as: -

Page's title, Meta description, and header tags should include the keywords.

Mobile-friendly websites and organic links to the web pages.

Let’s know how Google Algorithm improves search result: -

There is no denying that Google makes changes very frequently in its algorithm but its main purpose is always clear. Google wants to provide the best result to its users' queries. It tries to offer the results that users want. Let's understand the examples of how Google works for improving the search result. Here are some highly famous and important Google algorithm updates that would help you to know the working of the search engine.

Panda Google Algorithm

This Google algorithm's primary purpose was to penalize the websites that have duplicate, thin or plagiarized content. Also, this algorithm is also hazards for the websites that have the keyword stuffing and user-generated spam. Panda assigns a quality score to the web pages i.e. used as a ranking factor. For saving your website, just check that on a regular basis for checking whether there are any duplicate content and keyword stuffing exit on your website. If it is there, then remove.


This Google algorithm impacted the websites that have the keyword stuffing and low-quality content. This Google algorithm's main aim was to interpret the search queries and offer the best result to the users. This Google algorithm uses natural language processing and ranks the website with quality content and relevant keywords.


This was another Google algorithm that motto was to improve the ranking of the website with quality content. It affects the poor on-and off-page SEO. In this algorithm, the user's location plays a significant role. In addition, this is the algorithm that helps to rank the website that has excellently performed on and off-page SEO.

Penguin Google Algorithm

This is a highly popular Google algorithm of its time. It is a hazard for websites with irrelevant and spammy links. Also, it also impacts link with the over-optimized anchor text. This algorithm works in real-time.

After knowing the functioning of the above-most famous Google algorithm, it would be clear for you that how Google algorithm works. Apart from these algorithms, there are so many algorithms that help the search engine to provide the best possible results. These frequent updates in the Google algorithm make sure that whether users are getting what they search or reaching on the relevant web page. Also, the Google algorithm plays a highly important role in the ranking of the websites.

That’s the main reason why people buy SEO services for their websites. A good SEO services provider does a great job for your website. And, they make changes according to the Google algorithm update to bring your site on top position. So, avail the best services and uplift your website position.

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