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Posted by wearresistant on January 7th, 2020

Wear resistant cast iron refers to cast iron with high hardness and high wear resistance under certain wear conditions. Its structure has uniform high hardness and wear resistance.

Cast iron has good wear resistance. Although its mechanical properties are worse than steel, its brittleness is greater, and it is easy to fracture, its cost is lower than steel under the same conditions. If corresponding design and technological treatment are adopted, different requirements can be met under certain conditions, so it is widely used as wear-resistant material for friction pairs. Especially when the friction pair requires both high wear resistance and good friction reduction, it is often more advantageous to use cast iron than steel. For example, machine tool guide rails, piston rings, cylinder liners and other parts are mainly made of wear-resistant cast iron.

Cast iron working under abrasive wear conditions shall have high and uniform high chrome white iron castings, which belong to this type of cast iron. However, because white cast iron is brittle and cannot bear impact load, chilling is often used in production to obtain chilled cast iron, i.e. the wear-resistant surface of metal casting castings, while sand casting is used for other parts. At the same time, the chemical composition of molten iron is adjusted to adopt high carbon and low silicon, which can not only ensure the depth of the white layer, but also ensure that its core is still gray cast iron structure. Wear-resistant cast iron made by chilling method has been widely used in casting production of grinding roller tyre etc.

Wear-resistant castings working under lubricating conditions require hard tissue compositions to be firmly embedded in soft substrates. When the soft pattern is worn, grooves are formed to maintain oil film. Pearlitic gray cast iron can basically meet this requirement. Ferrite in its structure is a soft matrix, cementite is a hard component, and graphite flakes also play a role in oil storage and lubrication. High phosphorus cast iron has high wear resistance because it contains high hardness phosphorus eutectic. On this basis, if Cr, Mo, W, Cu and other alloy elements are added, the microstructure and properties can be improved, and the strength and toughness of the matrix can be improved, thus the wear resistance of cast iron can be further improved.

Besides high phosphorus cast iron, vanadium titanium wear-resistant cast iron, chromium molybdenum copper wear-resistant cast iron and boron wear-resistant cast iron also have excellent wear resistance.

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