Wintertodt is a more engaging approach to OSRS gold

Posted by limmzhou on January 8th, 2020

Wintertodt is a more engaging approach to OSRS gold attain similar (but better) rates than other less participating procedures. It breathed life that no one wished to perform or respected. There will be people who dedicate years of the lifetime to osrs, and it will be different than every other match.

To say that nobody should have 200m is unrealistic. There were individuals with 200m in skill even before the original 07 scape existed.I think that it is because RS3 didnt choose the elements from RS2/RS2 HD for example competitive content, is what's killed a large chunk of the runescape playerbase and the current MTX content bypassing, amount skipping trash simply adds more to the harm and promotes the wrong sort of runescape playerbase.

Again, to each their own but the present trend has definitely damaged runescape and runescape playerbase.The vast majority of Runescape's content is about as competitively viable as Solitaire, as well as Solitaire's likely more competitive, honestly. Ability is required by the kind of competitive gaming that is popular on the internet.

This is. By going of playing as the great 10, this spiel. That means you may just give us more money." Is such transparent people and bullshit gobble it up. Paying to skip isn't"valuing your time". It's a sign that maybe runescape best way to make money is not for you. If you hate playing runescape so much that you would fork over your pay check what are you accomplishing? It does devalue others have spent making things legitimately. There will be people who want to pretend this is one runescape player game also that what other people do has 0 effect on anybody else but that is just blatantly false.

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