The Top Mistakes You Should Avoid if You Want to Lose Weight for Good

Posted by Tom Clark on January 8th, 2020

The fitness sector is plagued with all kinds of diet pills and so-called weight loss miracles diets, and sadly, a lot of people believe in them. The thing is, if a diet or pill seems too good to be true, it probably is. But many of us continue to believe these 'schemes' only because we are looking for a fast as well as an easy and effortless solution to our goals when it comes to weight loss. And while some of those diets may help you achieve results in the short term, these results will fade after some time, and you are likely to be left with more weight than you lost. There are also a lot of mistakes that many people tend to make if they are on a weight loss journey, and this can certainly affect your primary objective. Here, then, are the top mistakes you should avoid if you want to lose weight for good.  

  • Believing the myths

There are more than a few myths surrounding weight loss, and you may have heard of some of them. For example, one popular myth states that you should stop eating or consuming anything by 7 in the evening. But this isn’t possible for those who have night shifts or long shifts, so what can you do to lose weight? Another myth which many people believe is that sugar is not good if you want to lose weight. But it is quite unrealistic for you to cut this entirely from your daily diet. While too much sugar can make you gain weight, there’s nothing wrong with eating healthy food that is naturally filled with sugar, such as bananas or berries.

  • Making changes only for the short term

Cleanses are immensely popular because they have helped many individuals lose weight in a short period. But even those who are advocates of cleanses will fail to tell anyone that the weight you have lost is more than likely to come back in just a few days. A cleanse can even make you gain more weight because an extended fast can slow down your metabolism. Try to avoid these short term changes, as they won't really do you any good. If you really want to achieve cleansing for your body, you should avoid alcohol or cut back on it, increase your consumption of water, and allow your liver and kidneys to perform the detox work for you.

  • Extremely restricting your food intake

Most of us also mistakenly believe that if we want to lose weight, we should thoroughly limit our calories. But any good personal trainer will tell you that while you should cut down on your calories, it isn’t good to go extreme with it.  If you skip meals or extremely restrict your intake of calories, this can lead to health issues in the long term and may ultimately prevent weight loss. This is because if you don’t have enough calories, your metabolism will slow down so your body can hold on to various nutrients much longer. But once you go back to eating a normal or regular diet, you will gain back more weight. Rather than doing this, you should figure out how many calories you need per day and then adjust this number so you can lose weight more gradually – and more effectively.

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