The importance of IAQ testing in commercial places

Posted by Lucas William on January 8th, 2020

Air quality testing is something that needs to be done every now and then in both residential and commercial places. It is not uncommon to hear people making complaints of feeling sick at work, and nowhere else. There is a much larger possibility that you bring it down to some allergies, and that you end up concluding that the maintenance staffs has not been doing a great job in dusting off the particles of different articles in and around the office space. You may basically end up simply concluding that the place is not clean enough. However, the truth can be far graver than it is. There is a possibility that the air quality inside the office is poor. So basically, there is this possibility that the building in itself may be sick and that is precisely what has been making you sick all the while and you did not even realize it. The best way and perhaps the only effective way to know is to go for an Indoor Air Quality Test. This will help you determine if the inside of the office is sick or not.

Now let us ask the most important question: What Makes Your Building Sick?

If your building is sick, a single thing or a host of things collectively can contribute to poor IAQ. While some of these factors that contribute to poor air quality inside the commercial place are easily recognizable, there are others that are kind of elusive. In this article we shall talk about some of the things and factors that can contribute to poor air quality index, and these can operate either individually or by corresponding with other factors:

-Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs)

-Rodent droppings

-Pesticides -Carbon monoxide

-Mold and mildew

-Dust and dander

-Pressed wood products

-Cleaning products



-Unvented furnaces

-Trapped outdoor pollution


How can one Prevent Poor IAQ inside a commercial space?

If the office space has a very poor IQA, it becomes mandatorily important that the administration of the organization take measures to fix the issue because if otherwise, it will be affecting the health of the people directly, and this is certainly not a good sign.

The first effective measure that you should take is to prevent problems is to devise a plan that firstly addresses the issue by identifying the issue properly and meticulously, and then planning a pattern to prevent the same, and also eliminate to all possible extent, the possible IAQ contaminants from the workplace.

IAAQ becomes an extremely important and routinely concern for commercial places because of the impact that it has on the well being of the employees in the space. If you are looking for air quality testing companies in NYC, consider Angstrom Testing Services.

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