How Hajj and Umrah can Change your Behaviour for the Better

Posted by Ady on January 8th, 2020

Hajj and Umrah are of great significance in Islam. They not only bring religious, spiritual and health benefits with them but also help change one’s behavior for the better. Because a pilgrim with accepted hajj is just like as if he/she was born right now i.e. Allah Almighty forgives all of its sins. Therefore, pilgrimage provides a person with a fresh start of life.

The journey of Hajj and Umrah is itself a great lesson for Muslims and also preaches Islamic ethics. That is;

Rightful Intentions

On returning, a pilgrim observes a shift from its perspective. And that is both in terms of spirituality and materialism. He/she start seeing this worldly life nothing but a temporary stay to gather the goods for the Akhirah. Thus, the journey starts with having rightful intentions for every single thing. Whether it’s your work life, personal life, social life or your interaction with other people.

Honesty and Humbleness

Honesty and humbleness are the best channels to succeed here in this life as well as achieve eternal success in the afterworld. Allah Almighty is forgiving and loves everyone who forgives others. Therefore, Hajj and Umrah are the great sources of earning honesty and humbleness for pilgrims. They learn to become more polite and open-hearted to everyone.

Abstaining from ‘Haram’

Pilgrims return from Makkah with a strengthened Iman and an even stronger will of abstaining from Haram. They are more inclined towards performing good deeds and stay as far as possible from things prohibited in Islam.

Muslim Unity and brotherhood

Hajj and umrah are two great examples of Muslim unity. Every year tens of millions of people travel to Makkah for the performance of Pilgrimage. They gather and perform holy rituals together. Despite being from different nationalities, cultures, races, and traditions; there isn’t any discrimination between them. All are equal in front of Allah Almighty. Ultimately depicting such a picture of Muslim brotherhood that can hardly be seen anywhere in the world.

Compassion for others

Pilgrims have a better level of tolerance in their personality as a blessing from Allah Almighty, therefore they are also more loving and compassionate for others; needy, poor and the underprivileged. They indulge themselves in events of charity as it’s the only thing that is going to benefit them in both of the worlds.

Patience and Trust

Pilgrims are awarded the ultimate traits of patience and trust in Allah Almighty. As a result of which, they are more accepting of their surroundings. They believe that whatever is happening, happening for good. They trust Allah’s plan and show gratefulness towards it. Indeed, he is the only savior.

Self-Control and Discipline

The perfect way to learn self-control and discipline is praying 5 times a day. Something that pilgrims abide by gravely during pilgrimage as well as after returning back home. Therefore, hajj and umrah encourage self-control and discipline in a person.

These are some of the virtues of Hajj and Umrah. Thus, you must check out the cheapest hajj package London if you are planning to go for the Hajj from the UK.

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