Important Predictions about the Future of Digital Marketing

Posted by Alex Marshall on January 8th, 2020

The future of digital marketing looks promising as well as bright, filled with endless possibilities. This article explores a few of the key predictions about the future of digital marketing. 

Technology has a huge impact on our daily lives and we don’t even realize it. It has transformed the world of business and how we market the products and our services. It is important to stay up-to-date with the advancements. 


The personalization element will dominate the trends in this field, as there will be a constant demand for customizing all the features of the website. Not just content, but the websites as a whole will be personalized to a large extent. The Ads for any given product would reach the exact targeted audience, with minimal chance of a misfire. Advertising personalization is a process that makes use of data points for every customer. By doing so, the system makes sure that the relevancy is maintained. Relevancy is an important aspect of any marketing agency. The prediction concludes businesses will be able to narrow down their client base in a much better way, down to the little details. 

Voice Search 

Voice search is a common phenomenon that is used by millions of people worldwide. There is the possibility of making voice search so interactive that most of the searches would be done by voice, making search-by-text obsolete. The business owners and marketing heads would focus their attention on extracting relevant searches via voice search. 


Chatbots are artificially intelligent robots that interact with you over the internet and ask about any queries that you might be having. More and more websites are deploying the chatbots in their framework to cater to the ever-growing needs of the customers. They provide real-time answers to your questions, so in that way, your time is not wasted and customer service is also provided. It is foreseen that the future of digital marketing will rely abundantly on chatbots, making them ‘smarter’ with time. The appeal of the chatbot relies solely in the fact that people find it helpful and creative. An annoying pop-up is not appreciated and neither will be of any use to the business. 

Machine Learning 

Machine learning is another form of artificial intelligence and there are more than a dozen ways that machine learning can be used to market the ideas. Curtis Sparrer, who is the principal at Brospar PR, stated that artificial intelligence will be the most instrumental in solving the most complicated marketing problems. Conversica is a conversational AI company that helps other PR companies to make use of the conversational AI in getting new clients. The future will make it possible for machine learning on these sites to get so advanced that once a person enters the website, their name would be displayed on the screen; Artificial Intelligence will modify the emails and social media messages in such a way that customers will be able to relate more effectively. The purchase history and time spent on the site can also be traced and that information used to better the system. 

Data Security 

Modern businesses consider data mining to be an important process in the modern world. The predictions show that it will grow beyond normal use and create a greater impact on the digital world. The policies regarding data security, namely the GDRP, have been introduced to contain the security breaches. The companies that have understood these policies and take into account the compliance and adherence to these policies will have a jump-start. It is important for companies and businesses not to conceal any of the personal data of the clients. This transparency will improve relations and help build stronger ties based on trust.  


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