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Posted by Camino Animal Hospital on January 8th, 2020

It is pleasant to cuddle your furry friends when you are feeling lonely. Sometimes they walk into your bedroom and mew,  demanding for a nice petting. Sharing your space with adorable cats gives you a whole new meaning of life. In return for their therapeutic service, you need to give special treatments to your pet. To keep your pets healthy and give love unconditionally, look for cat spay in Placerville. Such pet care centers offer services that are based on proactive, preventative, and compassionate care that fosters a long-term relationship with your cat.

Cats are classy animals and they love comfortable places to dwell. To nurture their livelihood, there are certain guidelines you will need to follow. From feeding to cuddling, get familiar with cat habit.


Since cats are clean animals, you need to treat them like kings and queens. Use a comb to comb their hair. Gently start combing from the abdomen, move towards legs and then head. Combing it in both upward and downward is will make your cat feel like a massage treatment. Whenever you see the cat licking its limbs, remember it is the cat’s way to groom and clean.

Litter boxes

The most important accessory for adopting cats is the litter box. You must give proper litter boxes so that they can take a dump when needed. It is important to train your cats for using the boxes. Make sure you get extra boxes depending number of cats you have. Here, your duty is to clean the boxes regularly and create a habit for the pet animal. It may take two to three weeks to train a kitten for using a litter box. If you notice any changes in your cat's urine or stool, immediately take the cat to a pet clinic and get cat spay in Placerville.


Little kittens love to get involved in fun and adventures. They won’t rest until sleep time. Most of the time, they scratch on certain objects to help remove the old layers of their claws. This is a natural phenomenon but it is frustrating when they damage your valuable items in the house. A damaged wire due to a cat’s scratch can cause a short circuit and disastrous events. This is why you need to train your fluffy paws to scratch on scratching posts such as a rug, sisal rope, or cardboard.

Spay and neuter

Cats are vulnerable to sexual diseases. This is why you must take your pet animal to a cat spay in Placerville. Spaying prevents infections and cancers in female cats while neutering prevents prostate problems in males. Spay and neuter practices also reduce pet homelessness and aggression behaviors.

If you have any suspicions about your cat’s behavior, get it to the nearest pet care center. Experienced veterinarians will investigate lumps, bumps or sore spots in the body and treat it immediately.

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