5 Ways to Avoid Your Emails Falling into the Spam Box

Posted by Miklagard on January 8th, 2020

No wonder, email marketing has gained the reputation of being an integral part of the marketing strategy. But when your emails had been falling in the spam box of your customers, your emails are counting nothing at that time. This is the reason that even the top email marketing services in Copenhagen always work on the ways through which they can avoid the emails from falling into the spam box. Here are some of the most effective ways to do so:

  1. Get a reliable Email Service Provider (ESP): The ESP is responsible for monitoring the activity o the clients and helps in banning spammers; this is how it maintains the reputation of their other clients. The customers who have reputation ESPs are more likely to get their emails to the inboxes, not in the spam.

  2. Try to avoid trigger words in the subject line: Email seeks to filter out and destroy the emails that contain spammy phrases or words in the subject. Most of these spam words which are to be avoided in the subject line are cash bonus, extra income, earn $, call now, fast cash, etc.

  3. Make sure you don’t send too many emails: Sending multiple emails in a day is no less than a spam-like behavior, and the email will take it in the same way. To be a reputable emailer, consider consistency to be your key. Limit your marketing emails to once or twice in the week. This is how you’ll prevent your emails from going in the span, and the readers would also be willing to read your email with interest. Getting a lot of emails might also irritate them, and they would stop it reading or even unsubscribe.

  4. Update your contact list constantly: Another way to avoid your emails from dropping in the spam is to keep grooming your contact list and make sure it is up to date. It is necessary to keep the contact list tidy, removing ay bounced email addresses. Also, consider validating your emails as they are received.

  5. Consider creating relevant content: If your contact list is of different interest than what your business serves, then it’s time to try segmenting your contacts. It is important that the email content you create should be according to the interest of the customers. Your content should be of high quality, but along with it, the content should be relevant and targeted, so it could engage the customers.

When it is about email marketing service or a web development company in Denmark, you’ll always try to find the best for your marketing approach. Thus, while you are making efforts, you need to try that it shouldn’t go useless. Follow the above-mentioned steps and avoid your emails falling into the spam box.

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