How much does a small mobile sander cost?

Posted by yoyocrusher on January 9th, 2020

In a market economy, whoever can meet the needs of users can win the market. Today's products focus on short, flat, and fast, that is, less investment, short cycle, quick results, and high efficiency. In the mining machinery industry, the symbol of short and fast is its small mobile sander, which is cheap and fast. , Powerful performance, free movement, strong adaptability, can be immediately transferred to the battlefield after processing, not only convenient and save trouble, environmental protection effect is also good, very in line with the needs of the new era. Small mobile sand blasting machine, cheap, fast return, strong performance, strong adaptability 1. How much is the price of small mobile sand blasting machine? Small Aggregate Crushing Machine is a mobile production line consisting of crusher, sand making machine, feeder, conveyor, vibrating screen, frame, electric cabinet, etc., equipped with movable crawler or tire driving device. You can work at the scene, convenient and efficient. Its output range is 1-300t / h. It has a single-car production line, and also has a two-in-one combination, a four-in-one combination, a multi-machine combination mode, and flexible configuration. Small mobile sand blasting machines are divided into two types: tire-type and crawler-type. The price of tire-type small mobile sand blasting machines is 300-300 million, and the price of crawler-type small mobile blasting machines is 800-300 million. One of the reasons for the large price difference is the different output and configuration schemes. For example, a mobile sand blaster with an output of 50 tons per hour, you can choose to install all the equipment on one frame or two. On the frame, it is more efficient, and the price of these two solutions is much worse. Accurate solutions and prices are the basis for determining your investment analysis. Instead of searching for equipment prices online, it is better to take a minute to contact the supplier for online consultation to get detailed configuration and quotation at a glance.

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