Design principles of warehouse shelving

Posted by sere on January 9th, 2020

According to statistics, the pure walking time of traditional warehouse staff in the warehouse accounts for more than 60% of the total operating time. In view of the above, a reasonable storage rack placement design can significantly improve operating efficiency. So, how to design warehouse shelving? The following JiaTaiBao tells you the design principles of warehouse shelving:

Don't go back

Do not go back, this is the basic principle of distribution guarantee: whether for order shipment or supplier arrival, you must ensure that the goods are executed in the same straight line.

Speed first

Speed comes first, everything else comes in: warehousing activities demand strict speed and accuracy. Even if the warehouse shelf is 1 in 10,000 wrong, it is 100% wrong for customers. It is unrealistic to rely on the control of process nodes and the ideological education of people to meet the strict requirements of speed and accuracy. So the basic input of logistics equipment is an important detail of a warehouse shelf planning. Even if you do n’t invest for the time being, you also need to plan for the long-term when you plan your warehouse. Because the planning of the warehouse pattern determines the best capacity and the best speed.

Shelf guidance

Shelves guide the way, which is a scientific and reasonable premise for goods ranking: Shelves are customized according to the site size and SKU box specifications, including columns and sewer pipes. The principle of ensuring that there is no column exposure in the shelf aisle. Shelves are arranged in vertical order by brand. New product shelves are listed in front of storage shelves, best-selling shelves are second, flat-selling shelves are listed after, and the farthest is slow-moving shelves. The principle of ensuring the shortest distance to stack high turnover products. The products with the highest turnover are directly taken out of the warehouse and delivered to the courier from the finished product warehouse of the supplier.

Planning documentary mode details

The details of planning the documentary model should be based on the core tactical principle: the market facing warehousing and logistics is a war of invisible smoke. We are fighting against inventory, and we are fighting against delivery errors and delays.

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