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What Is Plastisol Dip Coating? What Are The Processes?

Posted by Carlisleplastics on January 9th, 2020

Plastisol dip coating is components that are first prepared, pre-heated and then dipped into a tank of the coating material. The process is that the tank of coating material is a liquid mixture of PVC and plasticizer. It is a compound that consists of PVC particles which suspended a liquid plasticizer. In a liquid room temperature, it forms a rubbery PVC material when it is heated to about 177 c.

How the plastisol coating applied?

Plastisol coating applied is used mostly for thin coatings. The object is dipped in plastisol without preheating and then it placed in a heated chamber. The cast molding is dispensing plastisol into a mold and place it in an oven and then heating, it’s that plastisol fuses into the finished part.

Plastisol dip coating used for Spin coating and dip coating methods are applied to produce thin films from sol-gel precursors for research purposes and it is generally used for applying films into flat or cylindrical substrates.

Innovative coating-Your product and design can be customized fixtures that render a consistent high-quality dip coating to your exact specifications. Innovative coating compounds can be formulated in a variety of customer specifications and requirements such as color matching, finish gloss, texture, foam, durometer,non-toxicity and FDA approvable grades.

Plastisol dip coating common applications include:


2.Electrical switchgear


4.Fitness equipment

5.Laboratory glassware

6.Bus bars


8.Marine applications

9.Outdoor playground equipment

We provide excellent quality to our customers:

We have forty years of experience in the plastic molding and plastic coating industry, you can trust and develop a solution which meets and exceeds the specific needs to your product or application.we have an outstanding team of professionals who work like no other.we are capable of delivering high-quality results for a wide range of customers across the country.we offer various coating compounds that are important for the durability of a product.PVC dip coating covered-color matching to a textured finish.we have exciting deals and offers for you at affordable can contact us today or you can visit our website for further information.

Below you read more about our processes:

Now we talk about dip-coating processes-Dip coating and dip molding are the essential process, which are the parts they want coating and we never remove the plastisol after the parts get cool. towhen piper plastic dip coats the products and have the option of asking as a use a pre-processing technique which is called priming and makes the vinyl which adheres to your parts and forms an incredibly tight bond. If you want to remove a plastic coating from a primed part, you can tear the viny itself and it detaches from the metal. The process is very effective and is specified by the US military.

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