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Posted by John Burns on January 9th, 2020

An entertainment agency is defined by Paul Wolfe at www.carteblancheinfo.com as “an organisation that specializes in providing live entertainment for all types of clients for events”

This blog post will highlight the benefit of reliability of using an entertainment agent when booking any type of entertainment for an event.

Reliability of an Entertainment Agency

Reliability is a huge factor when booking entertainment. What would you do if your band didn’t show up on your wedding day or your DJ cancelled just hours before the event start time, panic? Well that’s where an entertainment agency becomes beneficial to your event. Agencies will only list trusted and reliable acts through strict checks. Most agencies also offer contracts surrounding the event details so when that is signed, it is legally binding and secures your act for your event! The agency keeps a record of all contracts so that all details are kept securely stored. You can trust the agency to look after you and your event if anything was to go wrong!

Horror Stories

Recently in the media there have been a number of horror stories surrounding entertainment acts who do not show up to the event without any warning or notice and acts who cancel last minute leaving the event planner under pressure and in dire need of entertainment. This should not be happening in today’s industry and it is the agencies job to regain the trust of these event planners who have been let down in the past. Entertainment agencies cannot let a small minority of sly and thieving so called “acts” diminish the reputation of the entertainment industry.

Underneath is a story of how one DJ from Coleraine in Northern Ireland has been found guilty under the Theft Act (Northern Ireland) 1969 because of failing to provide a service to customers which he received payment from. The DJ used the same excuse four times claiming that his father had just died on the morning of the event and could therefore not DJ. Trading Standards have said that the DJ “is a rogue trader who has taken £800 in cash from his victims... he promised to deliver a service and failed to do this”

Trust an Entertainment Agency to help you !

So who can you go to when your DJ or band cancels days before your wedding day or corporate event? Go to a trusted and established entertainment agency! In the entertainment industry it is a sad yet all too common unfortunate event when a bride rings or emails the office panicking and on the verge of tears as her band has let her down last minute. Trust an agency to help you out in every way. The entertainment agency will have a list of bands on their system which should be able to fit your criteria and overall calm the situation and ensure that the bride has a stress free day with the best entertainment possible.

Top Tips for booking entertainment:

To ensure that you do not be left disappointed with your entertainment, follow these simple 3 steps.

1-Use an entertainment agency- Research entertainment agencies online and ensure that there are testimonials, these hold the truth!
2-Ask for a contract- It is in your rights to ask for a contract. Ask for a contract between yourself and the act through the agency.
3-Build a rapport with the agency and the act- Talk to the agency and act frequently, tell them exactly what you want and build a relationship with them. This will build your trust with both parties.

Top 5 reasons for booking through an entertainment agency:

1-Top quality acts- Most agencies have a strict criteria when it comes to acts being accepted. So only top quality and reliable acts will be available.
2-Office contact- The agency may have a number of employees working in the business so if you have a query then someone will be able to talk to you about it directly.
3-Contracts- All agencies will use contracts. This is for all parties involved so that there is a clear and concise set of guidelines and all dates, times and financial factors are covered legally.
4-Financial Factors-The entertainment agency will take care of all the financial aspects from deposits to full payment so it is less stress for you and all prices are handled professionally and securely.
5-Back Up- If the band you have booked through the entertainment agency has had a last minute disaster and cannot attend the event, the agency will have back up bands in the system so your event will still go ahead with zero panic.

For further help and guidance with entertainment, search online to find the best agency.

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