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Posted by Pournima on January 9th, 2020

Dubai is a grand city that is home to a mesmerizing skyline. The tall skyscrapers, the unique buildings, and the style and luxury that surround Dubai are surely reasons enough to visit this beautiful city. Another reason that people flock to Dubai during December-January every year is the famous Dubai Shopping Festival or DSF. The shopping festival was started in 1996 as a way to boost the retail industry of the city. Today, after 25 years, the DSF is one of the biggest shopping festivals in the world. In fact, people from all over the world visit the city during this time of the year. Here are 10 awesome reasons why Dubai Shopping Festival is one of the best shopping festivals on earth.

A Month Long Festival

The Dubai Shopping Festival is not a one-day or two-day affair. On the other hand, it runs for a whole month. In fact, it usually begins during the last week of December and closes during the last week or January or sometimes during the first week of February. In short, you do not have to rush to make time in your hectic scheduled. You have an entire month to visit Dubai and take part in the shopping festival.

Larger than Life

It is a known fact that Dubai does not do anything mediocre. A simple look around the extraordinary city would prove this fact. Moreover, the same thing can be said about the Dubai Shopping Festival. While there are some main areas for shopping at DSF (Global Village, Carpet & Art Oasis and The Market Outside the Box), in reality, the entire city takes part in the shopping festival. You would come across amazing deals and discounts in malls and stores across the city.

Incredible Deals and Discounts

One of the main reasons that Dubai Shopping Festival is so popular in the world is because of the deals and discounts it offers. Most stores offer discounts up to 75%. Apart from this, you may get to enjoy up to 90% off on products during a 12-hour or midnight sale. While some stores provide discounts, there are others that offer some awesome shopping deals like free gifts and accessories. All you have to do is keep your ears and eyes open, as you do not know when your favourite mall or store announces a great deal.

Amazing Range of Products

The one thing that would surely stun you at the Dubai Shopping Festival is the array of products that you would get to buy here. Ranging from clothes and accessories to gadgets and home products, you would not only be able to update your wardrobe but also refurbish your home with a shopping trip to Dubai.  You can buy clothes, accessories, leather goods, gold jewellery, watches, etc. at great prices. Apart from this, the DSF gives you the chance to buy everything from international brands to local stuff.

Awe-Inspiring Events

DSF is surely a shopping festival; however, you can do lot more than shopping here. During the entire month of the festival, the city would host some incredible musical concerts, dance performances and other shows for the entertainment of the visitors. The city gives you the chance to meet and enjoy the talent of some of the world-famous singers, musicians and artists during this festival. You would also find special programs and shows for the little kids that feature their favourite cartoon shows and characters. DSF is a time when the city hosts so many cultural programs and activities to engage and entertain the visitors.

Fabulous Prizes

Although the deals and discounts of the Dubai Shopping Festival are superb, the prizes that you could win during the festival are simply jaw dropping.  While shopping during DSF, you can participate in Raffle draws, where you get the chance to win anything from huge cash prizes to luxury cars. All you have to do is buy a ticket that could lead you to a grand win, which can be anything from AED 100,000 to a new Infiniti QX50 car. Moreover, do not forget to dress up stylishly when going shopping, as many malls offer some great deals to those who take the effort to dress up in the best possible way.

Mesmerizing Global Village

The Global Village is surely the highlight of the shopping festival in Dubai. The Global Village features around 27 themed pavilions, each representing the culture of a particular city or country. You would also get to buy some special goods that are exclusively found in these countries. Apart from this, Global Village provides a great dose of fun and entertainment to everyone through arcade games, thrilling rides, stunning show, popular concerts, etc. In short, it is where the heart of the Dubai Shopping Festival lies.

Good Deals on Travel Packages

While Dubai Shopping Festival offers amazing reasons to go on a shopping spree, you also get the chance to explore the incredible city of Dubai. Rather than planning your itinerary, you can save some money by booking a tour package. Several tour companies and agents offer great deals on Dubai tours and travel packages during this time of the year. You would definitely be able to find Dubai Shopping Festival tour packages that suit your budget.

Foods Galore

Food has a special place in the Dubai Shopping Festival. During the festival, you would get to take part in several events and activities that involve food. It is a great time to visit Dubai if you are a food lover, as you would get to enjoy a variety of cuisines including Arabic, French, Italian, Indian, Chinese, etc. You would also get to meet celebrity chefs, devour the food prepared at live cooking counters, indulge in interactive cooking events and also win exciting food related prizes.

An Exclusive App for the Festival

As the Dubai Shopping Festival is spread all around the city, it may become difficult to keep track of everything that is happening during the festival. Hence, the city offers an exclusive DSF app that gives you all the information you need to know about the shopping festival. From what is happening at which part of the city and the special deals, discounts and offers that the stores are offering, everything you need to know about the DSF would be available to you here. The DSF app has both Android and iOS versions.

These are just few reasons that make DSF the best shopping festival not just in the UAE but also in the whole world. Even if shopping is not in your agenda, it is a great time to visit Dubai because the city truly comes alive during this time of the ye

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