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Why Do You Need Quality Guinea Pig Cages For Your New Pets?

Posted by guineapigmarket01 on January 9th, 2020

You need quality guinea pig cages because you need to do more than give your pigs a place to sleep. You are trying to make it so that your pigs will be comfortable, flourish, and want to play. Moreover, the pigs need to feel like they can spread out in the cage so that they have their own space. If you do not use the best cage, your guinea pigs will not be as comfortable as they should be. Continue reading to figure out what your options are.


How Do You Choose A Midwest Guinea Pig Cage?


You choose a Midwest guinea pig cage based on the size that you need. Most people are going to start with a cage that is meant for two pigs, but you might want to get a slightly larger cage if you want to keep three pigs in that cage. You could move on to another cage if you need more space for your pigs, and you may need an extra cage to help an aggressive pig have their own place to sleep.


Plus, the cage must come with a liner tray that is easy to use, has spots for the food, water, and the bedding. Also, you need to think about how you will carry the cage. You need to know that the cage has a handle that is easy to use, and the cage must snap together tightly so that it will not break when you pick it up. Finally, you need to check the size of the cage so that you can pick a towel or blanket that is the right size to put over the cage.


How Do You Clean The Cage?


Midwest guinea pig cages come with a liner tray that you should be able to pull all the way out for cleaning. The idea here is that you can pull out the liner, take away all the paper that you used to line the tray, and clean the tray quickly. There is a metal grate on the base of the cage that allows your pigs to litter as much as they want, and you can clean this tray every day making sure that the cage smells good.


How Do You Set Up The Food And Water?


You can set up the food and water in guinea pig cages by using the inverted water bottle and a food bowl. This is very important because you need to know for sure that you can fit the water bottle and food to feed the pigs. You need a bottle and bowl that is big enough for the pigs, but you do not want the food and water to take up too much space.


How Do You Fit Bedding In A Guinea Pig Cage?


When you are adding bedding to guinea pig cages, you need to make sure that you have taken a look at all your options to keep the pigs comfortable. Most people will use a small bed, but others will use linen or fleece that the guinea pigs can adjust on their own. The pigs need their own space, and they need to spread around the edges of the cage so that they have room to walk, litter, and play.


One More Thing About Adopting Guinea Pigs


When you are looking for a quality Midwest guinea pig cage, you need to make sure that you have found one that is easy to clock so your guinea pigs are safe. You can let them out to play during the day, but you also need to know they are safe when you lock them in the cage.

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