The Top 10 Tips for Planning a Corporate Incentive Trip

Posted by Rushell Kayna on January 10th, 2020

One of the best methods to reward and motivate your valuable employees whom you want to retain is to give corporate incentive travel opportunities. Most corporate incentive trip programs start with the help of strategic planning. Here are some tips for you if you want to reward your employees with a corporal travel incentive. 

Corporate Incentive Travel

1. Understand the Purpose of Your Corporate Incentive Travel 

You may have planned for this trip because you had some goals in mind. These goals can be increasing your sales, improvement in output and input, reduction in mistakes and errors, return on investment, employee retention, lost contracts, improve work culture, or providing better compensation packages. So try to understand and analyze the reason why you are trying to provide your employees with corporate incentive travel. 

2. Choose a Target Group Eligible for the Corporate Incentive Travel

You may want to offer corporate incentive travel for all your employees, but then this might be the perfect way to reward and motivate your employees. The people you want to pay should be only the valuable, hard-working employees who give their best to help your business reach new horizons. If you go on to reward everyone in your business, the chances are that you will short on budget and your valuable employees will not take the opportunity as a reward for an excellent performance.  

3. Define Your Target Group

The target group may comprise of people from various sectors in your business. They can be from the management, staff members, sales personnel, general employees, and sometimes customers or clients. So it would help if you chose the people you want to reward very carefully and categorize them under any significant target group.  

4. Ask Your Target Groups about Their Preferences and Interests 

It would be best if you gained a proper insight into what your target group wants or what is necessary for individuals. You can conduct interviews, or you can tell them to fill up forms related to the corporate incentive travel.  

5. Get a Destination Guide 

The next thing that you need to do is get a guide to corporate incentive destinations and collaborate with your team upon the locations and packages that are available within the range.  

6. Ask Your Team If They Are Willing To Make a Trip 

You also need to ask your team if they are willing to travel together, or they want to plan a trip alone. Also, every individual in the target group may not be ready to go for corporate incentive travel; they might wish to take some time off or holidays instead. So, see these aspects that you give your employees and check what they prefer and what is necessary for them.

7. Be Fair In Choosing the Employees with PTS 

While making a list of those employees whom you want to reward with corporate incentive travel, be honest, and just about the whole scenario. There might be a case where you choose an employee over another who is more deserving. So, to avoid committing this mistake, you can avoid such situations by installing PTS in your company culture. PTS or Performance Tracking System is a software-based program done on computer bots, which compares the employee’s performance with other employees, and the bot decides which employee is eligible for rewards based on his work. It is one of the best methods to determine what employees should receive a bonus because there is no partiality or bias in this method.  

8. Decide If You Need a Travel Agency 

Once the initial planning gets completed, you should think about finding the right travel agency that will be able to take charge of your overall corporate incentive travel. You can have an internally managed team or even hire a travel agency; the decision depends upon the destination decided by you. If you have a smaller budget and you have agreed upon something that is in the vicinity, then you do not have to worry about a corporate travel agent. But if you have a far off destination for travel, then you should employ a specialist in corporate incentive travel.  

9. Research on the Travel Agency 

You also have to understand and calculate the number of tax implications that you will have to face. You can also do proper research on the different travel agencies that provide corporate incentive travel guide.  

10. Look for Only Professionals 

It will help if you go for professionals who have the right amount of experience. The travel agency needs to understand your budget and take care of the travel expenses accordingly. 

These are the top 10 tips for planning a corporate incentive, and be sure to implement these tips for better corporate traveling. 

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