Coconut Cholesterol and the Benefits of Coconut Oil

Posted by Hadriel Sam on January 10th, 2020

Coconut cholesterol, as some people call it,   Blood Pressure Support Review  refers to the saturated fat content of coconut milk and meat. Cholesterol itself is a fat-like substance that is only found in animal cells, like humans and other mammals. Humans make all the cholesterol their bodies need. They do not need to consume any more in our diets.

The reason why coconut has not been shown to increase the cholesterol levels of those who consume it as a mainstay of their diets is hypothesized to have something to do with lauric acid. Lauric acid makes up approximately fifty percent of the fatty acids in the food. It is a medium chain fatty acid that can also be found in mother's milk. The body processes some fatty acids differently.

Some tropical people get as much as sixty percent of their calories from coconut sources. High coconut cholesterol, excess body weight, and heart disease should be evident. Nevertheless, there has been anecdotal evidence that people who consume coconut oil, coconut milk, and consume the meat of the coconut have a noted improvement in their HDL: LDL ratio. Moreover, their HDL levels also known as good cholesterol are higher overall.

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