Reasons Why Waxed Canvas Should Be Used Over Other Materials

Posted by jamesmia895 on January 10th, 2020

Waxed canvas has its origin in Scotland when a few group of people rubbed linseed oil onto clothing. Little did they know that what they have tried or experimented has produced a strong fabric that is capable of repelling water. Although the method now has advanced and the waxed canvas is created differently than it was first created, it is amazing to see that this old material still stays in use and preferred by people all around the world. Workers for their aprons and tools storage and travelers for their travel gear buy waxed canvas tool bags as they are bags of superior quality and durability.

In this article, we will take a look at the reasons why you should prefer waxed canvas products and items over other materials wherever you can.

Waxed Canvas Is An Old Material

Waxed canvas has hundreds of years of history with it. It has travelled and seen many paths and traditions and still continues to stay relevant. This in itself should be a reason for you to buy waxed canvas as you are owning something that is hundreds of years old.

Mariners in the 15th century made use of Flax sails to help move their boats. Marines noticed that although this fabric doesn’t hold the wind well, it does hold well when it is wet but wet sails posed the problem of added weight. They tried fish oils and then linseed oil by applying them on sails to prevent water from entering the fibers. With time, wax replaced linseed and cotton replaced flax because of their efficiency.

Waxed Canvas Is Good For Environment

There are so many bags out there in the market. They look so good and get the job done perfectly. But their downfall, a big one, is that they are mostly made from plastics such as polyester and nylon or chemicals such as chromed leathers and Aldehyde. There are cases where items are made using both of these harmful substances. That is why it is best to buy canvas zipper tool bags especially those those made from beeswaxed canvas.

Waxed Canvas Is A Tough, Breathable Material

A wax solution is used to provide a coating to waxed canvas so that gaps can be filled in the fibers. But the great thing with waxed canvas is that it doesn’t full cover all the gaps. It still leaves room for the air to move in and out of the material so that it remains breathable. This is a unique quality of waxed canvas as it keeps the water out along with making the material breathable.

Author’s Bio: The author is a blogger. This article is about waxed canvas properties.

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