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Posted by Wesharedesk on January 10th, 2020

The concept of coworking has really caught on in the Indian market and of late is practically spreading like wildfire. Keeping in mind the boom the Indian startup ecosystem has witnessed, it comes as no surprise that the demand for coworking spaces is only increasing by the day. One common notion that most people have is that coworking spaces primarily cater to small teams and freelancers and by small teams, we mean nothing bigger than 2-5 people. While they might have been the ‘early adopters’ there is a new pattern emerging. We’ve observed a trend which reveals that a large number of big teams and companies are flocking to coworking spaces as opposed to having their own traditional office setup. So, in order to throw some more light on this phenomenon, let us answer a few questions on why coworking spaces near me make sense for them. Here’s the gist:

Why opt for a coworking space in spite of being a big team?

  1. Ease of infrastructure and day to day operations: So the primary reason for big teams flocking to coworking spaces is because of the infrastructure and admin costs.

Working out of a coworking space ensures that all the basic things like internet, infrastructure and other supporting amenities are taken care of. said Rachit Ahuja.

Juanita faced a similar problem. “It basically had all the right elements, the right kind of infrastructure and so on which allowed us to focus purely on our technology and product and not waste time in worrying about things like infrastructure, operations or admin stuff as we were already spending a lot of time figuring out the legal and financial aspect of things” said Juanita.

  1. How’s the experience been so far?

“We wanted many things to be done our way but weren’t sure if that would be ok with the wesharedesk team as we didn’t know how they functioned. However, they were extremely understanding and accommodating. We had our doubts about how will interviews, meetings, people visiting and other such things work but it all fell into place and the team was and still is extremely helpful through every step of the way” said Juanita.

A few pro’s and con’s for big teams working out of a coworking space.


  1. Great infrastructure

  2. Networking

  3. A diverse community   

  4. Interacting with other startups and helping one another out.

  5. Economies of Scale: Coworking spaces usually have beautiful meeting rooms, cafe’s and chill zones which startups in the nascent stage obviously cannot afford.

  6. Events: Coworking spaces host a multitude of events that see industry experts giving advice on everything ranging from legal and accounting to pitching and funding.

  7. The chance to meet investors

  8. You’re productive from day 1: Since your basics are taken care of you can get right to work which would never happen if you were working out of your own office.

  9. Easy to attract talent: Considering you’re working out of a space that is filled with able, like-minded people it’s always easy to find talent for any need you may have.


  1. Utilisation of resources: People tend to book meeting/conference rooms at the slightest possibility of a meeting and this sometimes leads to rooms being overbooked.

  2. Fear of your employees being poached: This is the flip side to having like-minded people around you as your employees are going to be interacting with many other startups and the possibility of them being poached increases.

  3. Identity issues: If you’re a large team, you’d probably want to have your own identity, be it customized furniture or your own internet lease line or branding. Basically, something more customized. The problem with a coworking space is that even if you’re willing to pay the money to have things customized, it doesn’t work that way as you’re treated in a very socialistic manner on account of the hundreds of other startups working out of the same space.  

In conclusion, it seems like while there are a few potential risk-factors we’ve encountered in our chats, it really comes down to how the founders and the team members operate and what their needs and preferences are. From our experience so far, even large companies like Snapdeal seem to feel that the benefits far outweigh the risks associated with working out of a coworking space. It truly feels like this trend is here to stay. for more information: Shared office Space in Delhi

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