Some of the Most Notorious Religious Scandals in the USA

Posted by Timeless Issues on January 10th, 2020

Religion is defined as a way of life and sure enough, religion has helped to weave in a lot of people together under the same fabric of faith and festivity. A celebration in themselves, there's something outright horrific and hideous when something this pious is turned to a scandalous mess when the crimes of various sorts get linked to them. Here's a list of some of the most notorious religious scandals in the USA.

  • The denial of Roman Catholic priests on breaking confessions regarding child abuse.

The safest place and the closest to God are now facing some of the most serious charges on heinous crimes. The victims claim that behind the closed doors of the church premises lie a hell that's cleverly hidden in a doppelganger claim of heaven. There was a sparked nationwide controversy that claimed that the churches in the United States and have yet again failed to protect the children from sexual abuse. The first published article about child sexual abuse was reported back in 1985 when a Louisiana priest was held guilty in accounts of 11 cases of sexual molestation against young boys. The most sinister of pedophiles preyed on the most submissive and isolated children.

The issue was thrown into jeopardy of media hate and was immediately held up as a nationwide scandal when it was confirmed that the churches had more than just prayers and preaching’s going on. Allegations in the US sparked a whole lot of allegations worldwide against the churches. The unsupervised and non-consensual contact made in the churches were so major that the majority of accused priests in the United States of around (55.7%) had one form of an allegation of abuse made against them. Most of the accused priests were forced to resign or were laicized. Most of these convicted several bishops who had actively or passively participated in the cover-up were also forced to resign or retire.

  • Religious hoaxes -

The rise in reported hate crimes that are targeted at the religious sphere of lives across the United States over the past several years are subjected to a polarizing debate as to how many such reported religious hoaxes are indeed real? 

With many incidents as such that even have triggered deaths in the name of religion are reportedly more and more argumentative in nature and are hurled mostly at conservative groups of religious masses that look no further before rebelling in the name of God.

  • Catholic priests convicted of murders.

The only priest to be executed in the United States was Hans B. Schmidt. He was one of the first priests who were executed in the horrific crime of murder. Over time more and more accounted cases of murders by the priests have been recorded and more and more horrifying have been the accounts of how the victims were murdered or dismembered causing some of the biggest religious scandals in the United States. The most shocking of all was that the institutions which claimed to be in the business of seeking salvation for others were indeed leaving no stone unturned in covering up such murders.

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