Different types of Refrigeration equipment & supply vital for food industry

Posted by CB_Sales on January 10th, 2020

Refrigeration covers a wide spectrum of cooling equipments that are required in domestic and commercial use. Refrigeration can be classified in to 4 general categories and they are

  1. Mechanical-Compression Refrigeration Systems
  2. Absorption Refrigeration
  3. Evaporative Cooling
  4. Thermoelectric Refrigeration

These systems have many similarities and equal number of differences and here is the summary of what they are and how and where there are used. All these four systems are used to effectively cool the atmosphere as well as the refrigerators and freezers where they are installed. Refrigeration excessively used in commercial establishments such as hotels, bars, restaurants, catering, warehouses, food processing industries, and similar establishments. The refrigeration supply equipment used in commercial establishments will be as follows:

  • Reach-in refrigerators
  • Reach-in freezers
  • Combination refrigerators/freezers
  • Merchandizing refrigerators
  • Merchandizing freezers
  • Ice machines
  • Refrigerated prep tables

These items are used to store food items such as meat, sausages, sandwich, salad preparations, ice cream, confectionery items like cakes, pastries and chocolate, fish, soft drinks, beverages, juices, and a range of perishable food items. Freezers are also used store vegetables so they can be used on a later date.  In commercial establishments such as mentioned above the demand of the food items are not fixed and cannot be sure of its consumption hence they require the use of deep freezers and a range of merchandizing refrigerators and freezers. At the home from it is the normal single or dual door refrigerator that will store food items, pies, soft drinks, juices, frozen meat, fresh vegetables, milk, cheese and a number of dairy products. These are indispensable refrigeration equipment required for enterprise and manufactured by top rung industries all over the world.

Ice machine parts are equally important if you are any of the above industries or the one whose supplying refrigeration equipment to them. ice machines are vital components of hospitality industry as ice cubes are always in demand in clubs, restaurants,  bars, hotels, catering companies, banquet halls and food preservation industries. If the ice machine fails to produce the required quantity of ice cubes then it is likely that business will suffer setback that could be huge at times. whether you are a wholesaler of ice machines or parts or retail outlet selling refrigeration supplies you will need the parts immediately because customers will demand them. Not replacement of damaged parts will render ice machines useless and unable to produce ice cubes. So it is necessary that the parts of ice machines are always kept in stock.

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