What is so special about the material in Marble Animal Statue ?

Posted by Admin2511 on January 10th, 2020

Marble is the most used stone for making statues used in decoration purposes. Due to its elegance, beauty and rough and tough nature, marble statues are hot favourite. Marbles are ideal for hand carving and provide artisans with flexibility to experiment with the shape and size resulting marvelous outputs.

Marble statues are of various types and sizes like marble animal statue, gods sculpture, showpieces, etc. They are not only used for decoration purposes but also as monumental statues and religious structures. You can add extra beauty to your home by placing a marble statue of deities, or marble animal statue especially hand carved by expert artisans with spirituality and tenderness in mind.

Characteristics of Marble as a Sculptural Material
Marble is a metamorphic rock. It is generally composed of calcite, a kind of calcium carbonate. The stone is made as a result of changes brought about in the structure of sedimentary or igneous rocks by great pressure or heat.
1. This is relatively soft and easy to work when first extracted.
2. It becomes extremely hard and dense with age, and is also available in a variety of shades and patterns.
3. White marbles are especially prized for fine art sculpture because of their relative isotropy and homogeneity, and resistance to shattering.
4. In addition, the low refractory index of refraction of calcite permits light to penetrate into the stone resulting in the typical \"waxy\" look giving it a human appearance.
5. Marble can also be highly polished, making it ideal for decorative work.
6. Compared to other alternative limestone, marble possesses a much finer grain. This quality makes it much easier for the sculptor to render minute detail.
7. Marble is also more weather resistant.

Why do experts use marble only for sculpture making?

Some of the greatest sculptors throughout history have used marble to bring their works to life. When sculptures encompass lifelike subjects like marble animal statue or human statue then pure white marble is a preferred material.
1. Marble has several advantages over other materials commonly used for sculpture.
2. Marble is quite translucent, which gives it a depth and a resemblance to human flesh that is lacking in some other materials.
3. The greatest advantage of marble as a sculpture material, however, is its workability.
4. It is softer than other stones when first quarried, so it is easier to form the basic shape of the sculpture.
5. Because of its fine grain, it is also possible to add very intricate detailing to marble sculptures.

Disadvantage of marbles animal statue
The material does have its disadvantages as well. The major one is, it can be damaged by acid rain. If this is an issue in your area, it is best to keep your marble sculpture like marble animal statue or any other piece of marble indoors.

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