What is an industrial lifting door

Posted by aihw on January 10th, 2020

Industrial lifting door (also known as industrial sliding door) uses multiple lifts, spring balance system, motor drive, high strength, wind pressure resistance and good thermal insulation performance, durable, easy to operate, safe and reliable. It is suitable for high-end factory buildings, warehouses and buildings with large door openings. Compared with other types of doors, industrial lifting doors have different requirements for heat insulation, noise, insulation, sealing, rust prevention, color, lighting, fire protection, working mode, opening method, and automation, and have higher quality requirements and safety. Precautions are more stringent.

Industrial Lifting Door Features:

1. Stop in case of obstacles, airbag protection, anti-fall protection

2. Adopt rubber strip to seal the edge and prevent broken chain device

3. The outer layer of the door panel is metal color steel plate, stainless steel plate, aluminum plate, etc., filled with polyurethane foam in the middle, and flame retardant can be added according to requirements to make flat four centimeters, five centimeters, seven and a half centimeters. Cm, seven and a half centimeters, and six centimeters, four centimeters, five centimeters, seven centimeters and half a door.

4. The door can be installed with a perspective window to increase the amount of lighting

5. Small doors can be installed to make entering and exiting more convenient.

How to open the industrial lifting door:

The design principle of the industrial lift door is to install the track as close to the inside of the building as possible, which can save a lot of internal space of the building. Depending on the size and shape of your building, its sliding door can be designed into different installation methods. The selection of the door lifting method can be based on the following basic conditions: the size of the door opening; the upper space of the door opening; the side space of the door opening; and the door opening depth. According to the actual situation of the building site and the owner's requirements for the use of space, several lifting methods can be implemented to meet the requirements of reasonable use of space to the maximum.

1. Standard lifting: applicable to the space on the top of the door within 250-510mm

2. Vertical lift: suitable for the space on the top of the door in the doorway space + 370mm

3. Semi-vertical lifting: suitable for the height of the space above the door is greater than 510mm and less than the height of the door opening

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