5 Cold Weather Dressing Tips for Soccer Training

Posted by Ben Macrae on January 10th, 2020

Soccer is a harsh game. It's not only because of the competition but because of the demand for peak performance even in extreme weather conditions. Whether you are playing in scorching heat or chilly cold weather, you cannot compromise on your performance.  

Women soccer pants

The prevailing winter season can be referred to as extreme. The snowy cold weather setup can hinder the performance of a player who is not well trained in such conditions. Isn't it? Even if running warm your body up, it's challenging to step out competing with others. So, you need to clear yourself up with some cold weather specialist women's soccer pants and jerseys. 

Other than that, follow some tips that help you to beat the chill out there. 

Tips to Beat the Chill

  • Layer yourself from inside

During an official match, outer Jersey has to match with the color assigned to your team. Everyone has to look alike. So, layer yourself from inside the Jersey. What many soccer players forget is to wear an extra pair of pants inside the official ones. As a result, the lower body is exposed to the outer cold that makes the whole body uncomfortable. Make sure you have layers for both the top and lower parts of the body. 

  • Wear gloves even if you're not a goalkeeper

Normally, only goalkeepers wear gloves. But that's not the case in the winters. While other gloves may not contain that protective layer to stop the ball but they definitely stop the cold from entering your hands. Your hands take time to get warmer than the whole body. So, straight away cover them with gloves appropriate warming capabilities. Although you only use your feet to maneuver the ball, gloves play a pivotal role in keeping your body warm. 

  • Wear waterproof cloths

Waterproof in winters? yes, your clothes should be waterproof even in the winter season because of the due factor. The grass is wet and the water can enter into your body. The worst part is that the water never finds a route to escape. So, stop it from entering in the first place. Try and find clothes made of nylon or spandex to keep your muscles warm along with waterproofing. Adidas soccer pants are the most fitting choice in this case. 

Even your soccer cleats must be waterproof with no gaps in between. 

  • Prepare for sitting on the sidelines

As mentioned above, when you move on the field, it is easier to stay warmer. However, when you sit on the sidelines, the cold can take the better of you. we prepared for sitting on the sidelines with some sweat jackets and pants that resemble a uniform. If the need arises, add ski caps or small blankets in your bag. For international players, clothing has taken care of by sponsors. But in your case, you might find it difficult. 

  • Specifications of the soccer cleats

there's no denying that the waterproofing is mandatory for every soccer player urea in cold weather conditions. Use a larger size of soccer cleats to stuff two pairs of socks. It's a common practice to keep the feet warm right from the beginning. Also, wear extra creepy shoes to make sure that the slippery field doesn't like to compromise on your cutting. The grip also lets you and all the players around you stay safe. 

Apparel for training and competitive matches

Soccer clothing for training and competing match might be different. Make sure that you stay warm in both conditions. Don't take anything lightly just because there's no outcome expected out of it. Let us tell you that there actually is something if you neglect to stay warm in cold weather conditions. 

First of all, you can catch a fever and rip off your chances of playing the next match for your team. Also, you can pick up a sprain due to the extra cold if your body is not adequately warmed up before exhaustive training. Your joints are the most prone to the disadvantages of cold weather conditions. They do not know if you’re playing a match or training yourself. So, always be careful. 

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