Blizzard says Titan project will be overhauled

Posted by meilleursDofuskamas on January 11th, 2020

The developer stated that the Titan project is not suitable for the subscription payment model. In order to provide players with the highest quality gaming experience and game content, the development team has recently devoted most of its energy and time to finding new breakthrough directions for the game.

Blizzard's World of Warcraft is the company's most successful MMORPG and sets the standard for many other similar games. More and more new MMORPGs are taking inspiration from World of Warcraft, but this also seems to cause a constant loss of World of Warcraft players. According to official data from Blizzard, in recent years, World of Warcraft has continued to lose subscribers. Although the decline this year is shrinking, as of June, the number of active users has dropped to 7.7 million, which is far lower than the peak period. Of course, WOW Classic Gold is a currency that every player needs a lot of reserves, enough WOW Classic Gold For Sale allows you to buy cool mounts and armor, if you need it, then you can buy cheap WOW Classic Gold at ZZWOW.

To solve the current dilemma, Blizzard's development team launched a brand new MMORPG project called Titan. At this time, we have no information on the project, but it is certain that the game is very different from World of Warcraft. Its background story is likely to be based on the future high-tech era, and there may be mech warriors. And so on. Morhaime, CEO of Blizzard Entertainment, announced at today's investor's conference call that their development team has been evaluating a new direction for Titan this time, and it may take longer than fans think.

According to what Morhaime said at the conference, Titan's payment model will not use a subscription system, which may be specified when the game development is complete. But he also said that the studio will continue to develop high-quality games. To make Blizzard's business smoother, they plan to transfer most of the resources from the Titan project to other recent projects. These projects will have a more direct impact on Blizzard's business in a short time, such as the new expansion of World of Warcraft and Blizzard All-Stars.

Morhaime pointed out that Blizzard's current major project is the free-to-play Hearthstone, which is Blizzard's first card game. The characters and cards in the game are designed using characters and monsters from World of Warcraft, in which you can use hunter, shaman, priest and other classes. According to the description, the current development progress of Hearthstone has made breakthrough progress, the World of Warcraft Classic Gold game will be Blizzard's first title to be announced and shipped within the same year.

Obviously, the boom in free games in recent years has had a huge impact on games that use the subscription model, and Blizzard's revenue has also been greatly affected. For this reason, the studio had to reconsider the direction of the Titan project and tilt resources for other recent projects in order to solve the dilemma currently facing Blizzard.

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